Gen V Characters And Their Powers: A Complete List

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One of the absolute joys of The Boys/Gen V universe is the wild, weird powers the characters exhibit. Some of them are straightforward, like super-strength or super-speed. Others are… Alpacas? Whatever they exhibit on screen, though, it’s not always clear what the Gen V characters and their powers are.

Incredible news: that’s where this article comes in. As of this writing, we’re five episodes into the freshman season of the college-based series. So there are, presumably, many more Supes to come. We’ll aim to update this list as it goes, but for now at least through the end of Gen V Episode, “Welcome To The Monster Club,” here’s a complete list of all the Gen V characters and their powers:

Gen V Characters And Their Powers: Complete List

Here’s that complete list, and just one last note: spoilers on, as a few of these powers have surprises attached to them. So if you’re not caught up on Gen V Season 1, go watch and then come back here.

Another note: pretty much every one of these people has super-strength and super-durability, in addition to their other powers. That’s a side-effect of Compound V, the substance that gave them their powers as babies.

Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair): Hemokinetic

Marie is able to manipulate blood. Initially, we see this with her, uh, first period, which leads to the death of both of her parents. Later, we see she can cut her palms and use the blood that comes out as a forceful weapon. However, as the season has continued, Marie has discovered surprising uses to her powers. She can use the blood trails as a sort of rope to capture things/people. She was able to get the blood back inside a lady who had her throat slit. And she made a guy’s penis explode. So, lots of uses there.

Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo): Magnetism

Like his father before him (more on that in a second), Andre is able to manipulate metal with magnetism. He’s apparently very strong with the power, though we’ve really only seen him try to kill Rufus (Alexander Calvert) with garden tools and mangle a statue of his father so far, for the most part.

Emma Meyer/Little Cricket (Lizze Broadway): Shrinking/Growing

As Little Cricket, Emma was a beloved Supe; though folks didn’t know that her mother was having her throw up to lose her body mass in order to become tiny. If she eats, she grows to normal size. If she eats a lot? She grows enormous.

Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips): Mind Control

Cate’s powers of mind control depend on touch, which is why she wears gloves all the time. We’ve also seen that excessive use of her powers can cause hemorrhages in her eyes (and presumably her brain as well).

gen v london thor jordan li

Jordan Li (London Thor and Derek Luh): Gender-Shifting, Invulnerability, Energy Blasts

Jordan has several powers. Their main power is gender-shifting, but each form has a different, secondary power. In their masculine state (played by Derek Luh), Jordan is nearly invulnerable. In their feminine state (played by London Thor), they can shoot energy blasts.

Sam Riordan (Asa Germann): Super-strength

Even for Supes, Sam is super-strong. He’s exhibited Hulk-like levels of jumping ability, can rip humans apart with his bare hands, and punch through walls. He’s also a little unhinged and can see people as felt, Muppets-style puppets, though it’s unclear whether that’s tied to his powers.

Luke Riordan/Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger): Pyrokineses

When he was alive, Luke was able to cover his entire body with flames, which also led to his clothes burning off. We’re told that he could potentially be as strong as Homelander, aka this universe’s version of Superman (albeit very evil).

Justine Garcia (Maia Jae Bastidas): TBD

Justine is the girl who outed Emma’s binge-to-shrink ability. We don’t know what her powers are yet, other than being a huge jerk.

Sean Patrick Thomas as Polarity and Chance Perdomo as Andre on Gen V

Polarity (Sean Patrick Thomas): Magnetism

As mentioned above, Polarity is Andre’s father and has the same powers as his son. We haven’t seen them in action yet, but based on the comics he’s sort of a Magneto-but-“good” stand-in. He’s also not quite on the level of The Seven, the universe’s premiere super-team. But he did pretty well for himself back in the day.

Rufus (Alexander Calvert): Psychic

Rufus (the guy who had his penis blown up by Marie) has several psychic powers. His main one seems to be mind manipulation, which he uses to sexually assault his fellow students. However, he also has telepathy, astral projection, and clairvoyance.

Harper (Jessica Clement): Tail

It’s unclear whether Harper has powers beyond this, but she does have a tail that Justine makes her suck on camera for social media clout.

Tyler Oppenheimer (Siddharth Sharma): Intangibility

Tyler uses his abilities to walk stark-naked into another room when he’s interrupted having sex with Jordan.

Warren Scherer as The Incredible Steve on Gen V Episode 1

The Incredible Steve (Warren Scherer): Healing factor

The Incredible Steve can’t regrow limbs, but he can reattach them after they’re torn off, as we saw in the season premiere, “God U.” Recently he lost his penis, so if you’ve seen it let him know. There’s a $10,000 reward.

Robert Vernon/Tek Knight (Derek Wilson): Heightened Senses

Tek Knight seems to be an amalgamation of Batman and Daredevil. Though not explicitly stated, it’s clear he has heightened senses of smell, hearing, sight, and presumably touch as well.

Dusty (Andy Walken): Slow-aging

Dusty is actually in his mid-20s but still looks like a kid. He also throws absolute ragers. That’s not a power, just a fact.

Maverick (Nicholas Hamilton): Invisibility

Like his father Translucent before him, the Godolkin University RA can turn invisible and is also a huge pervert.

Betsy (Briana-Lynn Brieiro): Electricity

We don’t know exactly what Betsy’s abilities are, as she was introduced coughing and wheezing thanks to Dr. Cardosa’s Supe virus. And then later on, a higher dosage of the virus killed her. But the brief glimpse we did get showed electricity crackling through her hands. RIP, Betsy.

Sloane: Alpaca

Sloane is either a superhero alpaca, or just an alpaca, and honestly, we don’t know what’s up with that one. Sorry.

Characters From The Boys:

Beyond the Gen V-specific characters, we’ve also seen several cameos from The Boys. Those include Jessie T. Usher as A-Train (super-speed), Chace Crawford as The Deep (fish powers), and coming up, Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy (super-strength, super-speed, all around a-hole).

Listen to Let’s Hear It For The Boys:

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