Is Sloane On Gen V A Superhero Alpaca? Or Just An Alpaca?

sloane gen v alpaca episode 5

Gen V Episode 5, “Welcome to the Monster Club,” unraveled a number of big mysteries for the show. Spoilers past this point! We discovered that Cate (Maddie Phillips) has been working with Dean Shetty (Shelley Conn) this whole time. We found out what mysterious facility The Woods is all about. But most importantly, we discovered that there’s an alpaca superhero named Sloane.

Well, sort of. Sloane on Gen V looks like an alpaca, we know that. But as speculated on Reddit, is Sloane a superhero alpaca, or a superhero who can turn into an alpaca? Or a third, weirder option we’ll get to in a second? Let’s discuss.

Who Is Sloane On Gen V?

First of all, the alpaca is named Sloane with an “e” not Sloan. If you check out the closed captioning on Prime Video, it pretty clearly states her name (more on the gender of this alpaca in a second). The X-Ray function isn’t any help, due to Amazon’s hateful prejudice against animals. Just kidding, but if you turn it on for either of the scenes with Sloane, there’s no info on our new fave animal friend.

Is Sloane On Gen V A Llama Or An Alpaca?

That said, the closed captioning also helpfully clarifies that Sloane is an alpaca, not a llama as some online have speculated. What’s the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Lots of things, according to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park Children’s Zoo in Kansas. Some major differences between llamas and alpacas include:

  • Size: llamas are larger.
  • Personality: llamas are bolder, and alpacas are shyer.
  • Spitting: According to the zoo, “Llamas are known for spitting quickly when they feel threatened, whereas alpacas are much gentler and just spit as their last resort when they’re angry or scared.”
  • Ears: llama ears are shaped like bananas; alpaca ears are short and “spear-like.”

There are a number of other differences, but this article isn’t about nature, it’s about supernature, so let’s get back to the show.

Is Sloane The Alpaca A Human Or An Animal?

Uh… Unclear. We get to see two scenes featuring Sloane in Episode 5. In the first, Andre (Chance Perdomo) and Cate wake up in Dusty’s (Andy Walken) pad and wander around trying to get their bearings. There they see Sloane wander past, and they know her.

“Hey Sloane,” says Andre.

At that point, Maverick (Nicholas Hamilton), Godolkin University’s invisible RA, is dragged by with a ball gag. “Ooh, hi guys,” grunts Maverick before getting dragged away by Sloane.

sloane gen v alpaca episode 5 welcome to the monster club

In the second scene, we get confirmation of Sloane’s preferred gender pronouns. Maverick is having a heart-to-heart with Jordan Li (London Thor) when once again Sloane wanders past down the hallway. This leads to the question: was this a real alpaca, or did they have one CGI animation of an alpaca that walks past in hallways, and used it twice? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Regardless, Maverick breaks off his conversation with Jordan to chase after Sloane. “Oh fuck, I got to go, she’s super pissed at me,” Maverick tells Jordan before running away.

Clearly, everyone knows Sloane, and Sloane understands English. She’s also in a relationship of sorts with Maverick. So either she’s an English-speaking alpaca, or more likely, she’s a Supe who looks like an alpaca. Whether she’s a shape-changer who has the ability to turn into an alpaca, or if she’s an alpaca full-time is TBD.

Is Sloane The Alpaca Part Of A Sentient Race Of Alpacas?

Alternate theory here! As speculated by user hemareddit on Reddit, is there actually a whole race of sentient llamas in the world of The Boys that we haven’t seen yet? “Maverick is just dating a sentient Ilama. Like this whole time there’s this whole race of sentient Ilamas sharing the Earth with humans in this universe, it’s just so normalised no one feels the need to mention it.”

User linuxmatthews backed up that idea, adding, “If The Deep can talk to sea creatures it stands to reason other animals have some level of sentients [sic].”

Are they correct? Is Gen V all leading up to an alpaca revolution? An alpaca-lypse, if you will? You won’t? Okay then. Regardless, probably not. It’s a fun theory, but we’ll stand behind the idea that Sloane is a human being that, through the power of Compound V, either turned permanently into an alpaca or chooses to look like an alpaca.

Either way, we really hope Sloane and Maverick work things out. Love is real!

Listen to Let’s Hear It For The Boys:

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