Stargirl - Brainwave Jr.

Starguys: “Brainwave Jr.”

The Young Justice Society battles the Injustice Society, and not everyone makes it out alive as our DC’s Stargirl podcast recaps “Brainwave Jr.” With Pat and Barbara’s relationship at the breaking point thanks to revelations about Courtney’s superhero identity, Stargirl makes move to take down the ISA – now. But the addition of Henry Jr. […]

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Stargirl - Brainwave

Starguys: Stargirl Season 2

On our bonus episode for DC’s Stargirl “Brainwave” we’re breaking down the news about Stargirl‘s Season 2 pick-up. With the move from DC Universe to The CW, will there be any changes? Crossovers with the Arrow-verse shows? And which superheroes could pop up in Stargirl Season 2? SUBSCRIBE TO STARGUYS: A STARGIRL PODCAST ON ITUNES, […]

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