Gen V’s Maverick Is Another The Boys Cameo Hiding In Plain Sight (Because He’s Invisible)

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Gen V is chock full of cameos and references to fellow Prime Video superhero show The Boys. From appearances by The Deep (Chace Crawford) and A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) to statues to The Seven (the universe’s premiere superhero team), it’s pretty clear that Godolkin University is just steps away from Vought Tower. But there’s another The Boys cameo that’s been hiding in plain sight since the series premiere, “God U.” That would be Gen V‘s Maverick.

Who is Maverick, you might ask? Other than Tom Cruise’s character in the Top Gun movies, he’s also a literally blink-and-you-‘ll-miss-it character in the universe of The Boys and Gen V, who has deep (no pun intended) ties to a member of The Seven. Here’s what you need to know.

Who Is Maverick on Gen V?

Nicholas Hamilton as Maverick on Gen V

In the first episode of the series, we meet a number of people living in the dorms at Godolkin University as we follow Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) through the halls of her college. Those include her roommate Emma (Lizze Broadway), but we also get glimpses of some other dorm denizens. There are two Supe kids making out. And we see a bong float by as if carried by an invisible hand.

Turns out it is being carried by an invisible hand. Specifically, the dorm’s RA, Maverick. Played by Nicholas Hamilton, Maverick’s power is clearly invisibility. He most likely has the regular assortment of super-strength and durability that comes with being a Supe in the world of The Boys, as well as the invisibility powers. We also find out that he’s pretty caustic, and isn’t into being Marie’s secretary. But as we cleverly teased, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen — or rather, not seen — Maverick…

Who Is Maverick on The Boys?

Charles Altow as Maverick on The Boys

In the Season 2 premiere of The Boys, Homelander (Antony Starr) and company put on a little pageant to try and explain away the death of The Seven member Translucent (Alex Hassell). Translucent, whose power is invisibility and being a huge pervert, was blown up by Hughie (Jack Quaid) back in Season 1. Instead, Vought builds a lie that Traslucent heroically died trying to stop a terrorist.

During the funeral, Homelander looks out into the audience and says that Translucent’s final words were “Tell my son Maverick I love him.” At that point, we briefly cut to the audience to see Maverick, played there by Charles Altow. Altow doesn’t show up elsewhere in the series and was clearly recast after this. He also, for what it’s worth, has played only one role according to IMDb, and it’s this one.

Where Have You Seen (Or Not Seen) Nicholas Hamilton Before?

Unlike Altow, Nicholas Hamilton is probably an actor you’ve seen before. And just like on Gen V, he was playing a huge jerk. Specifically, Hamilton portrayed Henry Bowers in IT and IT: Chapter Two, aka the kid with the mullet who terrorizes the other kids in the movies. Interestingly, he appeared in another role in a different Stephen King property: Lucas Hanson in The Dark Tower.

Other than that, you might know Hamilton from playing opposite Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes in Strangerland, or as Rellian in 2016’s Captain Fantastic.

Like seemingly most of the rest of the Gen V cast including London Thor and Derek Luh, Hamilton has released an EP of his own music, including an extremely popular cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” which you can check out on Spotify.

But where you might actually know Hamilton best is from TikTok, where he’s amassed millions of followers doing cocktail mixing demos. Clearly, while Maverick is invisible, Hamilton most certainly is not.

Listen to Let’s Hear It For The Boys:

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