Meet The Gen V Cast: Who Plays Jordan Li?

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The world of The Boys is expanding. In the new spinoff series, Gen V, we’re meeting a whole new generation of Supes… Ones who are growing up knowing they were injected with Compound V, and not given their powers by nature or god. One of those Supes? Jordan Li. But who plays Jordan Li in Gen V?

The answer to that, given the character’s power set, is a little more complicated than you might expect. So let’s get into it.

Who Is Jordan Li on Gen V?

Before we get to the casting, in case the bevy of new characters has your mind swirling faster than a whirlpool caused by The Deep, we’ve got you covered. Jordan Li is initially introduced in the first episode, “God U,” as the teaching assistant to Dean Brink (Clancy Brown). Jordan Li is a gender-shifter and identifies as non-binary. By the end of the third episode, we discover that Jordan’s parents don’t accept them for who they are. Specifically, Jordan’s father only recognizes Jordan’s male form, something that will assuredly be dealt with more in upcoming episodes.

What Are Jordan Li’s Powers on Gen V?

The gender-shifting part is pretty clear, but the rest of Jordan’s powers are never explicitly stated on the show. However, if you’ll notice in the introduction scene, Brink comes out and shoots Jordan, who immediately shifts into male form. That’s because, in their male form, Jordan is invulnerable. In female form? Energy blasts.

In both forms, Jordan — like most others injected with Compound V — is super-strong, and super-fast. Or, at least, stronger and faster than regular human beings.

Who Plays Jordan Li on Gen V?

Jordan Li is played by two actors: London Thor (female form) and Derek Luh (male form).

Where Do You Know London Thor, The Jordan Li Female Actress, From?

London Thor as Jordan Li on Gen V

Before Gen V, London Thor’s biggest role was on Shameless, where she had a five-episode run as Olivia. She also appeared briefly in Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird and had one-episode stints in YOU and Never Have I Ever.

However, her main focus isn’t acting, it’s EDM music. Really! According to London Thor’s website bio, “she worked as a writer and performer to create many memorable EDM tracks with artists such as Jerome Isma Ae, Shane 54, Tydi, Alastor, Farius, Away, and many more. Several of her songs have had regular radio play on stations such as BPM and programs such as Armin Van Buren’s A State of Trance.”

If you want to check out London Thor’s music, she’s on Spotify where her tracks have already gotten millions of streams. She’s also on Instagram, with a healthy 14.8k followers, though only updates sporadically.

Where Do You Know Derek Luh, The Jordan Li Male Actor, From?

Derek Luh as Jordan Li on Gen V

Appropriately, Derek Luh is also mainly a musical artist. He’s released multiple hip-hop albums, toured with Machine Gun Kelly, and collaborated with French Montana. On TV, his biggest role before this was as Ryan on six episodes of Shining Vale. Nerds might know him better as Brayden from the “Cheat The Gallows” episode of Runaways.

Derek Luh is also on Spotify, though not quite as popular as London Thor. Yet. He’s also on Instagram, and with 127k followers, is winning that battle. Good for him!

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