Gen V Episode 4 Ending Explained: What Happened To Marie And Jordan?

Gen V Episode 4 Ending Explained Marie

Gen V episode 4, “The Whole Truth,” was a wild one. The episode introduced superhero detective Tek Knight, coined the term “cocksplosion,” and had a wild twist ending that nobody could have seen coming. Naturally, there are a lot of theories about the Gen V episode 4 ending. And that’s where this article comes in.

We discussed a ton of our own theories on the Let’s Hear It For The Boys podcast. But why don’t we go to our friends online to find out the Reddit theories for the Gen V episode 4 ending, as well?

But first, a bit of recap to set the scene. And of course, spoilers on.

Gen V Episode 4 Recap:

In the fourth episode of Amazon Prime Video‘s The Boys spinoff, Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) and the rest of the gang are trying to figure out what happened to Emma (Lizze Broadway). We know that she’s hanging out at an abandoned drive-in theater with Sam (Asa Germann). But all they see is a crater and some blood.

To try and track her down, Marie approaches Rufus (Alexander Calvert), aka the dude wearing the superhero MAGA hat from Episode 2… Better known as the guy who Cate (Maddie Phillips) pushed into hitting himself in the nuts every hour and shouting “Jumanji!” He says he’ll help track Emma down with his mental powers, but instead essentially roofies her (Rufus? Roofies? You get it). She wakes up in his dorm room, his robe open, and something bad is about to happen.

Instead, she blows up his penis with her blood powers. At the same time, Jordan Li (London Thor) busts open the door, and she and Marie get out of there. Later on, Marie and Jordan realize their mutual attraction and kiss just as Emma finally returns.

Unfortunately, Emma has some bad news… Sam has gone nuts and decided to kill Doctor Cardosa (Marco Pigossi), the man Sam blames for all his problems. In order to stop him, the whole gang heads to Cardosa’s house: Marie, Jordan, Emma, Cate, and Andre (Chance Perdomo). The team is finally together! Go team, go!

gen v emma lizze broadway nude big

Again, unfortunately, Sam is too strong. He beats the crap out of everyone. That is until Emma goes HAM on a bowl of spaghetti and reveals that not only can she shrink, but she can grow huge as well. A giant, completely nude Emma holds Sam down on the ground. Meanwhile, Marie tells everyone that everything is going to be okay.

In the middle of a sentence, the screen cuts to black. After a few seconds, we’re back… Only Marie is in bed with the female form of Jordan, who seems to be naked. Marie is also naked. Missy Elliott’s “Work It” starts playing as Marie realizes she doesn’t know where she is, how she got there, and also, whether she and Jordan slept together. Yikes! That’s a lot of questions.

Gen V Episode 4 Ending Reddit Theories:

The Reddit thread for the fourth episode of Gen V is, as of this writing, at 1,600 comments. So you know there are a lot of questions and theories flying around about what happened in those final moments of the episode.

One popular theory? It was all a dream (I used to read Word Up! magazine). User itsmehannerz threw that out there in particular, and copped to be “so f**king confused right now.”

Answering that, user Curious-Sale-4266 threw out an interesting idea… It’s someone from The Woods, the mysterious facility at the center of the plot of Gen V. “My current theory is that one of The Wood’s staff has memory/mind manipulation powers,” the user said. “I’m guessing that Sam may not even be crazy but his brain is being manipulated by that supe.”

gen v jordan and marie in bed together episode 4 ending explained

Another theory? It wasn’t The Woods specifically, but Dr. Cardosa. Said ybhryhyn: “I assume Cardosa has some sort of AOE Supe Disabler at his home for dire situations such as these??? Not dissimilar to the sonic weapon.”

Getting back to The Woods and what Dean Shetty and Dr. Cardosa are up to, hotsizzler threw out there that, “Another theory if they say it’s pheromones that does it, then the forest themselves weaponized that. I think it goes to my theory they are trying to weaponized powers and separate them from their users and V. Imagine if they could figure out why golden boy can’t set himself on fire, the actual biological process for it. Then they can recreate tgat, and sell tgat. Or super strength, or teleportation.”

But by far the most popular theory on The Boys and Gen V Reddit is the one we threw out on the podcast…

Gen V Episode 4 Ending Explained: It’s Rufus

Though we don’t see Rufus in the final scene(s) of the episode, as one of our hosts pointed out the execution of the blackout was exactly the same as when Rufus mind-wiped Marie earlier in the episode. He pats the bench next to him for her to sit down, the screen cuts to black, and then they’re in his room. At the end of “The Whole Truth,” Marie is shouting, the screen cuts to black, and suddenly she’s in another place, and time has passed.

The sticky part about this theory? Did Rufus follow them to Dr. Cardosa’s house? Where was he hiding? How did he – presumably – wipe all of their minds at once? And also, how did he recover from his penis getting blown up so quickly? It’s entirely possible there’s something else going on here, but we’ll have to wait until Gen V Episode 5 to find out.

Listen to Let’s Hear It For The Boys:

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