Venom #26 Preview

Venom #26 (2021) Preview Header

Black Widow is coming straight for Venom. Who cares if he’s a child now? Not Natasha Romanoff, who is covered in venomized spiders! Comics are great! And that’s on display in this preview of Venom #26 from Marvel Comics.

Eddie Brock is seemingly dead, his son Dylan is Venom, and there’s a whole organization called Noname that Black Widow is tracking down. The new arc comes from writer Torunn Grønbekk, artist Julius Ohta, with a cover by Cafu.

Venom #26 (2021) Preview:

Check out the first six pages of the issue (including the title page, and cover) here:

Venom #26 (2021) Official Synopsis:

THE STING OF THE WIDOW! After the shocking events of VENOM #23, NATASHA ROMANOFF, THE BLACK WIDOW, crosses paths with the symbiotes in a way that will leave them both changed FOREVER!

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