Who Plays Tek Knight On Gen V? And What Are Tek Knight’s Powers?

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On this week’s episode of Gen V, Tek Knight finally arrived. The highly anticipated character threw a huge wrench in several plotlines in the series, most notably Marie (Jaz Sinclair) and Jordan Li‘s (London Thor/Derek Luh) relationship.

But who is Tek Knight on Gen V? What role does he play on the show? And what do you need to know about him from the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Oh, and spoilers for Gen V Episode 4, “The Whole Truth,” past this point.

Who Is Tek Knight on Gen V? Meet The Boys World’s Greatest Detective:

The character has actually been mentioned a few times on The Boys, mostly in passing, or in reference to his TV career. However, he hasn’t appeared on screen yet until this week’s Gen V.

Tek Knight is first seen walking through Godolkin University introducing an episode of his Vought+ series The Whole Truth. The Dateline/Unsolved Mysteries-style show is delving into just what happened when Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger) died. As Tek Knight explains later on to Dean Shetty (Shelley Conn), hashtag whydidgoldenboydoit is still trending (long hashtag bro) and he’s going to get to the bottom of things.

Sort of. Shetty strongly intimates that Tek Knight doesn’t so much solve mysteries as beat his suspects into submission to get them to confess; whether they’re guilty or not. And that’s essentially what he tries to do. Tek Knight goes after Andre (Chance Perdomo), literally sniffing out that the latter has been sleeping with Cate (Maddie Phillips). He also drills down on Marie in class until she confesses it was Jordan, not her, who fought Golden Boy.

With those kids out of the way, Tek Knight explains that Shetty is going to take the fall for Golden Boy running amok. But she isn’t having it. After luring him into the woods, she reveals she knows he has a deadly brain tumor. And that tumor is making him have sex with anything that has a hole. Bagel? Sex. Vacuum cleaner tube? Sex. Skull? Sex.

With that blackmail out of the way, Tek Knight leaves campus and ends his show by stating that there are no answers to why Golden Boy did what he did. We last see him looking to get it on with a sexy tree knot (other than an end credit scene where he also has sex with the air dryer in a bathroom).

What Are Tek Knight’s Powers On Gen V?

The Tek Knight in The Boys has very different powers, which we’ll get to in a second. Here on the show, the character seems to have heightened senses – like Daredevil, but not blind. He can clearly tell when someone’s pulse is racing, their pupils are dilated and can smell Cate on Andre. He also, per the usual for Supes in this universe, most likely is super strong, and has super-durability, as well.

Who Is Tek Knight In The Boys Comics?

The character is actually pretty different in the comics. He’s more of an Iron Man than Batman; and is actually a pretty nice guy. The big reason for that? He doesn’t get his powers from Compound V, which really messes you up. Instead, he gets his powers from his armor, and with it is able to be a member of the superhero team Payback.

However, where the two storylines converge is that the comic book Tek Knight also has a brain tumor that causes him to have sex uncontrollably with anything he sees. Unlike in the show where it’s played for humor, in the books it’s pretty sad. But also kind of funny. But mostly sad.

Who Plays Tek Knight On Gen V? Meet Derek Wilson

On TV, Tek Knight is played by Derek Wilson, who you might know as Wolf from the Hulu series Future Man, or as Kent Benny on the cult classic Rectify. However, fans of the AMC show Preacher might recognize him best as Donnie Schenck. And big ol’ nerds might be interested to know he voiced Spider in this year’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. He was also Detective Tim Munroe in the live-action Birds of Prey, a movie for which I’m not going to type out the full name.

Regardless, after this week, Derek Wilson will forevermore be known as Tek Knight. And probably whenever he goes to a comic convention, someone is going to hand him a bagel.

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