Gen V Episode 8 Promo Teases The Epic Season Finale, More The Boys Cameos

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Are you ready for Gen V to end? Don’t worry, the Prime Video show has already been picked up for Season 2. But next week, Season 1 is over. And if the promo for Episode 8, “Guardians of Godolkin,” is any indication, the season finale is going to be absolutely epic.

Spoilers for Gen V Episode 7, “Sick” past this point. In this past week’s episode, some big s**t went down. Dean Shetty (Shelley Conn) revealed that Godolkin University isn’t a school, it’s a lab for Supes (which explains the whole “nobody really ever going to class” thing). We also discovered that her husband and daughter were killed in Transoceanic Flight 37, aka the plane flight taken down by Homelander (Antony Starr) in The Boys Season 1. And then Cate (Maddie Phillips) compelled Shetty to slit her own throat. Cate also compelled Marie (Jaz Sinclair) not to help Shetty, and the so-called Guardians of Godolkin watched as Shetty died.

Not only that, but Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) revealed that she has the same powers as Marie, is her benefactor, and then took all of Dr. Cardosa’s (Marco Pigossi) Supe-killing virus and blew up his head. So, lots went down… What’s next, in Gen V Episode 8?

Gen V Episode 8 Promo Teases A Super Student Civil War

With Cardosa and Shetty out of the way, who is left as the big villain of Gen V Season 1? How about… Cate? In the new promo for Episode 8, Cate is giving off serious bad-guy energy. She’s entering The Woods, the Supe holding facility below Godolkin University, and saying classic villain lines like, “When I’m done, maybe eventually you’ll realize. I’m being a hero.”

Done doing what, exactly? Well, we find out pretty quickly, along with what looks like Sam (Asa Germann) joining Cate’s side, despite Emma (Lizze Broadway) telling him not to go with her. As predicted on our podcast, looks like our main cast is breaking up into a Super-Student Civil War.

“You are superior to them,” Cate continues as we see scenes of Godolkin being locked down, and her walking through the halls of The Woods with an army of imprisoned Supes behind her. “And it’s time we showed them.

So on one side, there’s Cate, Sam, and a bunch of pissed-off, formerly imprisoned students who may or may not be infected with a Supe-killing virus. On the other side? Marie, Jordan Li (London Thor/Derek Luh), and Emma. “So what, we just sit here?” says Jordan after Cate has left Shetty’s house. “No,” Marie says reluctantly. “We go stop them.”

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What follows next are rapid-fire scenes… Marie running through the halls of Godolkin. Jordan protecting director turned acting teacher Adam Bourke (PJ Byrne), and Vought CEO Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie). Andre (Chance Perdomo) holding his father Polarity‘s (Sean Patrick Thomas) hand. Glass breaking, Cate screaming, covered in blood, Sam choking out Bourke. And Andre trying to stop a crashing helicopter with his magnetic powers.

Also, if you’re curious the Amazon X-Ray helpfully introduces two of the Supes Cate frees from The Woods: Kaveh Ebadi as “Sweaty Supe,” and Jennifer Dzialoszynski as “Glowing Eyes Supe.” There you go!

When Will Gen V Episode 8 Premiere On Prime Video?

Though the promo teases Episode 8 as “finale,” this is the Season 1 finale, to be clear. There are eight episodes in Gen V Season 1. That’s it!

It’ll also premiere at the same time episodes of Gen V always do: Thursday at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. Specifically, Gen V Season 1, Episode 8 “Guardians of Godolkin” will premiere on Thursday, November 2 at 8 pm ET on Prime Video. And then our long wait for The Boys Season 4 begins…

…because we don’t have a The Boys Season 4 premiere date yet, in case that wasn’t clear.

Listen to Let’s Hear It For The Boys:

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