What Are Polarity’s Powers On Gen V?

Sean Patrick Thomas as Polarity and Chance Perdomo as Andre on Gen V

Gen V on Prime Video might be all about the kids, but there are adults in the series, too. And beyond the characters from The Boys, you already know and love (and hate), we’re getting to meet some new legacy superheroes, in addition to the students at Godolkin University. One of those? Polarity.

Polarity, better known as Andre’s father, has not used his powers as of the end of Episode 3 of the series, “#Thinkbrink.” But we’ve got a fair idea based on dialogue, and also what his son’s powers are. So let’s get into it.

Who Is Polarity On Gen V?

Before we can get to his powers, a brief explanation of the character. In the series, Polarity is played by Sean Patrick Thomas, and though he as of yet doesn’t have a first name, his last name is Anderson. His son, Andre, is played by Chance Perdomo.

It’s strongly implied that Polarity wasn’t on the level of The Seven — the premiere superteam in the universe of The Boys — but he was pretty famous, regardless. He’s now on the board of trustees of Godolkin University, and there’s a statue of him in costume in the main quad.

Also, Golden Boy hid a phone in his statue’s crotch, which seems like a bad place to hide a phone.

He’s extremely hard on Andre, and based on context clues one can assume frustrated about how his life turned out/living through his own son’s success.

What Are Polarity’s Gen V Powers?

As mentioned, Polarity has yet to use his powers on the TV series. However, he seems to have the same power as Andre: metal manipulation, or magnetic powers. He’s also most likely super-strong, and if not invulnerable, then very durable like other Supes injected with Compound V.

Why do we say magnetic powers? Well, Gen V is extremely loosely based on The Boys comic book arc by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson that introduced The G-Men. The G-Men were that book’s version of The X-Men. And while Polarity wasn’t introduced in the book, it’s a fair bet he’s a relative stand-in for Magneto, aka Marvel’s magnetic villain.

To be clear, Polarity was a hero in the world of The Boys and Gen V. But as we’ve seen on both shows, being a “hero” doesn’t mean you’re a “Hero.”

Where Do You Know Sean Patrick Thomas From?

Hey, what about the actor behind Polarity? You probably know Sean Patrick Thomas best from the movie Save The Last Dance, where he played Derek, and did that little shoulder dance thing with Julia Stiles. You might also know him from Barbershop, The District, or one of his other roles.

Interestingly, he’s appeared before in The Boys universe. On the animated spinoff Diabolical, he played the voices of both Reporter #1 and Male Hostage in the episode “One Plus One Equals Two”. He also provided the voice of Guard #2 on Invincible, keeping it in the Prime Video family.

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