Gen V: RIP, Andy Walken’s Dusty, Who Partied Too Close To The Sun

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As of the sixth episode of Gen V, “Jumanji,” and spoilers past this point, Dusty died. I guess I didn’t give a lot of spoiler room there, but the episode has been out for a few days so whatever. That said, the formerly background character was brought to the forefront shortly before he was taken out. So you might be a little confused about who Dusty is, how Dusty died, what Dusty’s powers are… And perhaps most importantly, who Andy Walken is, the actor who played him.

Guess what? That’s what we’re going to break down in this article. Here’s what to know about the hard-partying Supe who looked like a kid but was actually an adult.

Who Is Dusty On Gen V? And What Are Dusty’s Powers?

Dusty lives off campus in a big house where near-constant partying is going on. We first meet him in Episode 5, “Welcome to the Monster Club,” when the gang wakes up after a night of partying that was mind-wiped out of them by Cate (Maddie Phillips). We know he throws the best ragers, and the reason is he’s not a teen: he’s 28 years old.

That’s Dusty’s main power: slow-aging. Though he looks like a kid (because the actor who plays him essentially is still a kid), he’s in fact pushing on his thirties at this point. This means it’s no problem for him to buy kegs, drugs, or whatever other folks need to get that party going right.

Like other people injected with Compound V, it’s entirely possible that Dusty has other powers. He’s probably super-strong and super-durable, which also might explain how he can party 24/7 like a Supe Spuds Mackenzie. But all we really know is that he ages slower than everyone else.

The other thing we know is that despite living off campus and being well past the age when someone should go to college, he seems to still be enrolled in Godolkin University. In Episode 6 when the gang visits Cate’s mindscape, he notes that he “hasn’t been to class in years.” Which implies that he’s still supposed to go to classes. Does Godolkin care about absence from class? Are the classes really even that important? Certainly not as much as social media clout. So entirely possible Dusty — who again, is 28 — might still be a student.

Hey, maybe he’s going for his Ph.D.: Party hard, Dude.

dusty andy walken gen v

How Did Dusty Die On Gen V?

Unfortunately, Dusty is never going to get the chance to get his doctorate in partying, as he died in Episode 6. And he did die, though nobody else in the cast seems to A) care when it happens, or B) deal with his body at any point later in the episode.

In the hour, Dusty, Marie (Jaz Sinclair), Andre (Chance Perdomo), and Jordan Li (Derek Luh/London Thor) are sucked into Cate’s mind once she uses her powers too hard, and falls into a sort-of coma. As Dusty notes, he’s not 100% sure why he is also there as he barely knows the rest of the group. But he tags along anyway as they tour their way through Cate’s memories.

In there, they also encounter Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles). Or rather, Soldier Boyfriend, Cate’s imaginary friend who taught her to, uh, masturbate. He explains that just like in a really cool video game movie, if you die in the mindscape you die in real life. And they’ve got a ticking clock because Cate’s neurons are blipping out, one by one.

They manage to make it out unscathed through several memories, but when they get to the classroom, it’s all over for Dusty. And unfortunately, he doesn’t even die in a cool way, he’s just collateral damage. In the scene, Cate is meeting Luke, aka Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger) for the first time. But after the group watches this memory, Luke turns and starts talking to Andre. They all start to freak out, and then panic harder when the Luke-Memory reveals that Andre and Cate have been sleeping together for a long, long time. At which point, this faux Golden Boy powers up. And Dusty decides he doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Dusty’s final words before Golden Boy completely explodes him? “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Out of my way, cunts.”

gen v dusty dies

RIP. Later on, when the gang escapes Cate’s mindscape, Dusty seems to be entirely missing and nobody references him in any way. There are two possibilities here, based on where Dusty was when they entered Cate’s mind in the first place. The first possibility is that his body is behind the couch, which is where he’s standing when Cate takes them inside her (phrasing). The second possibility is that Dusty’s body exploded, just as it did in Cate’s mind. Either way, Dusty did not make it out of this one alive.

Hopefully, they party one more time next episode in his honor.

Who Is Andy Walken, The Actor Who Plays Dusty On Gen V?

The primary thing you’re probably wondering about Andy Walken, who plays Dusty on Gen V, is how old he really is. Guess what? Walken is 17 years old. He was born on April 26, 2006, according to Google dot com. So he clearly looks young anyway, but he is neither 12 nor 28.

If you’ve seen Walken anywhere, it was probably on ABC’s short-lived, but critically acclaimed sitcom The Kids Are Alright. It starred Michael Cudlitz (of The Walking Dead) and Mary McCormack, and Andy Walken was one of those alright kids. Specifically, William, the sixth son in the family. The show ran 23 episodes from 2018-2019 but was canceled after one season.

Andy Walken, winner of the Outstanding Younger Voice Performer in an Animated or Preschool Animated Program award for "Centaurworld," poses in the press room during at Wilshire Ebell Theatre on December 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

However, his biggest role thus far was as Ralphie Parker in A Christmas Story – Live!, Fox’s latest attempt at snagging onto the televised live musical trend. While the musical was not generally well-received, Walken did get good marks from the Los Angeles Times for his performance. “As Ralphie, Andy Walken was a good visual match for the movie’s Peter Billingsley,” they wrote. “Walken’s was an assured performance with the right touch of madness and wonderful vocal command.”

He’s also an Emmy winner, having nabbed the first ever Outstanding Younger Voice Performer in an Animated or Preschool Animated Program award for his performance as Young Durpleton in the Centaurworld episode “Bunch O’ Scrunch.” Is that a bunch of weird nonsense I just wrote? Sure is!

Andy Walken is also not related to Christopher Walken, in case you were wondering. Because I was wondering! He is not.

You can follow Walken on his mom-supervised Instagram account, which already has over 116k followers. Now that’s something to party about.

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