Marvel Preview: Alpha Flight #3

Alpha Flight #3 preview header

Canada’s premiere superteam isn’t playing nice anymore. In Marvel‘s Alpha Flight #3, half the team is pretending to chase down mutants. The other half is actually saving mutants. And all the while, they’re secretly working together.

But one member remains mysteriously secret, and it looks like it will all be coming out this month in the issue written by Ed Brisson with art by Scott Godlewski. Who is the new Nemesis? Is it the old Nemesis? Or is it… Heather McNeil-Hudson?

That’s our theory, anyway, given the character’s seeming connection to Guardian. We’ll see if Nemesis turns out to be his wife in the upcoming issue. And in the meantime, peruse these pages and speculate.

Alpha Flight #3 (2023) Preview

Check out four pages from the October 25, 2023 publishing issue here:

Alpha Flight #3 (2023) Official Synopsis:

WHO IS NEMESIS?! You thought ALPHA FLIGHT #1 packed some surprises? Wait until you get a load of issue #3! As GUARDIAN, PUCK, SNOWBIRD and SHAMAN make a difficult decision about their future, a startling revelation shocks ALPHA FLIGHT and changes the course of FANG, AURORA and NORTHSTAR’s secret mission! Who is the new NEMESIS?!

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