Sad News: The Incredible Steve On Gen V Has Lost His Penis

warren scherer as the incredible steve on gen v episode 1 god u

You might remember The Incredible Steve from Gen V‘s first episode, “God U.” Well, we’ve got bad news about the Supe student. Worse than getting your arms ripped off? Yes, indeed. In fact, we’re sad to report that The Incredible Steve has lost his penis.

Just in case you want more information after that bit of news, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about The Incredible Steve on Gen V, what The Incredible Steve’s powers are, what to know about Warren Scherer, the actor who plays him, and most importantly: how to collect $10,000 if you find his penis.

Will we end every paragraph with the word “penis?” Stay tuned to find out. This one didn’t, though. Penis.

Who Is The Incredible Steve On Gen V?

In the first episode of the Prime Video series, Marie (Jaz Sinclair) and her roommate Emma (Lizze Broadway) travel to the stadium at Godolkin University (which is a real stadium in Toronto) to see Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger) practice using his powers. The way he does this? By fighting The Incredible Steve.

Golden Boy, aka Luke, doesn’t seem particularly phased. He tells Andre (Chance Perdomo) he’s not too worried about fighting anyone with “The” in their name. In fact, the fight conclusively goes Golden Boy’s way, ending with Luke ripping The Incredible Steve’s arms off his body.

Warren Scherer as The Incredible Steve on Gen V Episode 1

What Are The Incredible Steve’s Powers On Gen V?

Yikes! But it’s okay because Steve is a Supe. His power, it seems, is the ability to reattach parts of his body if they’re severed. For example, in this premiere, Luke and Andre bring over his arms, place them where they were ripped off, and the muscles, bones, nerves, and arteries immediately link back together. So not quite a healing factor, as it doesn’t seem like The Incredible Steve can grow new arms. And it seems like this happens a lot, as Luke tells him “next time,” to which Steve smiles.

So, let’s talk about his penis.

What Happened To The Incredible Steve’s Penis? An Investigation:

It’s entirely possible you (by which I mean, me) may have missed the hilarious blurbs Prime Video has been putting up for every episode of Gen V. Like The Boys before it, the blurbs hint at some of the events of the episode in question, but are far removed from a straight synopsis. For example, here’s the blurb for Gen V Episode 5, “Welcome to the Monster Club“:

REWARD! Last night, The Incredible Steve attended an off-campus party where his penis was lost. He just wants it back, so his family is offering a $10,000 REWARD for its safe return, no questions asked. Please contact the Godolkin Daily Classifieds Office or the Lost-and-Found Desk at the Godolkin Student Union.

In the episode, the main cast all wakes up after a wild party. Emma is gigantic and has been chugging kegs in the nude. Marie and Jordan Li (London Thor/Derek Luh) have slept together. And we meet a superhero alpaca named Sloane. Lots of other things happen, too, but we don’t get to see The Incredible Steve anywhere in the episode.

However, it seems at some point Steve’s penis either fell off, or was broken off, and he lost it at the party. As you can see above, there’s a $10,000 reward if you return his penis. Since we don’t know exactly how Steve’s powers work, it’s unclear whether there’s a time limit on when he can reattach appendages*, and whether he may join Rufus (Alexander Calvert) in the school’s growing No Penis Club.

Given the wording of the blurb, it’s entirely possible Steve’s penis was stolen. Awful news, if so, and we hope it’s returned soon.

*There’s a lot of debate online whether a penis is an appendage or an organ. We’re going with appendage, for ease of explanation.

Who Plays The Incredible Steve On Gen V? Meet Warren Scherer

Though The Incredible Steve only showed up for one scene in the Gen V series premiere, the actor who plays him, Warren Scherer, has a very long and storied resume. In fact, you’ve probably seen Scherer on TV and in movies multiple times, and don’t even know it.

That’s because Scherer is mostly a stunt performer, and usually caked in layers of alien (or other) makeup. One notable on-screen, name role? He played Pestilence in X-Men: Apocalypse. However, it was more active behind the scenes as a stunt performer in Apocalypse, as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. He was also the stunt double for Daniel Cudmore in Days of Future Past.

Beyond X-Men, Scherer recently played an Adult Gorn on Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Kurr (a Klingon) on Star Trek: Discovery, and one of the Guardians on The Umbrella Academy. On The CW, he was Wolé Parks’ stunt double on Superman & Lois, a stunt performer on The Last of Us on HBO, Titans on Max (formerly HBO Max), and to the point of this article, on The Boys as well.

He’s even been in video games, acting as a stunt performer in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

Though he has less than 1k followers on Instagram, he’s worth a follow for some fun behind-the-scenes shots from his many roles. And here’s hoping he finds that penis!

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