Mobius Finally Gets A Jet Ski In Loki Midseason Trailer

Loki midseason trailer season 2 mobius jet ski

Like Thanos, it was inevitable: Mobius (Owen Wilson) is finally getting a jet ski in the next episode of Loki.

The scene comes midway through what Marvel calls a midseason trailer, despite the fact that it comes after episode four of six and that’s not how midway works. But we digress! In the previous episode, “The Heart of the TVA,” it certainly looked like the Time Variance Authority (TVA) was destroyed and Loki died. But naturally, he did not.

However, the TVA did get destroyed, as Loki tells Mobius, and several other cast members. The reason Loki survived? As predicted, he is again getting pulled through time, just as he was in the Season 2 premiere. The bad news is that means they’ll once again have to figure out a way to get Loki (and everyone else) unstuck in time. The good news is that it looks like the rest of the main cast has been thrust back to their variant selves. And of course, Mobius is a jet ski salesman at a store called Piranha Powersports.

“The TVA is gone,” Loki tells Mobius, who is chilled out with a casual outfit and sunnies hanging off his neck.

“I think you mean ATV,” Mobius says, “and no, we got in two of them last week.”

Fans of the series will know two things:

1) Mobius has been obsessed with jet skis since Loki Season 1, so this is an expected but satisfying payoff.

2) Mobius’s motivation this whole season has been avoiding the life he had before the TVA, so if this is what he was supposed to be, that’s pretty nice too.

That said! In case you think the last two episodes of the season (series?) will be set at Piranha Powersports, worry not. The rest of the scenes clearly show Loki taking charge, getting the team back to the TVA, and coaching Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors) through pressing the button on the doohickey that will fire a harpoon into The Loom in order to… You know what, it doesn’t matter because another scene clearly shows Loki walking out sans giant suit to do it himself. Is Loki going to sacrifice himself? Or did he just realize that a god is more durable than a man in a suit?

You can watch the trailer below, and new episodes of Loki premiere Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on Disney+.

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