DC Preview: Supergirl Special #1

Supergirl Special #1 preview header

There have been some big moves in the Superman family of books over at DC Comics. But what about Kara Danvers? That’s what we’ll discover in Supergirl Special #1, written by Mariko Tamaki with art by Skyler Patridge.

In fact, it looks like this issue might be taking on one of our big questions about the current, ongoing Power Girl series: doesn’t PG’s new status quo make Kara redundant? The answer, presumably, is “no” and we’ll probably have a new status quo for Kara by the end of this special.

But instead of speculating wildly, why don’t you check out the preview below, and see what you can see?

Supergirl Special #1 Preview

Check out eight pages and the cover from the October 31, 2023 publishing issue here:

Supergirl Special #1 Official Synopsis:

GIRL INTERRUPTED! After joining the Superman Family and their heroic efforts in Metropolis, Kara thought she had found her place in the world. But there’s only room in town for one Supergirl, and Power Girl’s sudden reappearance has made her redundant. Her identity and role are both in question as she looks for answers. Will they lead her out of the city or out of this world? Find out as critically acclaimed writer Mariko Tamaki (SUPERGIRL: BEING SUPER) returns to the Maid of Might with the help of Skylar Patridge (WONDER WOMAN)!

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