Is Loki Dead In Loki Season 2, Episode 4? “Heart Of The TVA” Ending Explained

Is Loki Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Heart of The TVA

If you’ve watched Loki Episode 4 on Disney+, your big question might be: is Loki dead? the short answer is, no, Loki is not dead, and there’s a pretty simple reason we know why not… There are two more episodes of Loki.

But if you’re confused and need a Loki Season 4 episode ending explained, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Is Loki Dead In Loki Season 2, Episode 4? Loki S2E4 Ending Explained:

So, here’s the deal, yo, and spoilers past this point. At the end of Loki Season 2, Episode 4, titled “Heart of the TVA,” Loki loses. That’s a classic Loki (Tom Hiddleston) thing to do and something that was driven home in Season 1 of the series. But this is probably his biggest L so far. Specifically after nabbing Victor Timely (Jonathan Majors) from a branched timeline and bringing him back to the Time Variance Authority (TVA), Victor was, uh, killed.

In fact, what happened was that Ouroboros (Ke Huy Quan) agreed to send Victor Timely out in one of their janky suits in order to stick a doohickey into another doohickey in order to expand The Loom. What does that mean? Simply put, The Loom weaves multiverse timelines into one compact timeline. Victor Timely needed to doohickey it up in order to stop The Loom from combusting and destroying the TVA in the process.

Victor Timely failed. He stepped out onto the platform that led to the thingamajig he needed to stick the other thingamajig into, and he was turned into spaghetti. Subsequently, the TVA lost, The Loom exploded, and everyone died, including Loki. So Loki is dead.

victor timely jonathan majors spaghetti loki season 2 episode 4 the heart of the tva

Just kidding. Of course, Loki is not dead. Though we haven’t seen them, there are two more episodes in Loki Season 2, and despite the fact that there are multiple Lokis that could fill the titular role (Sylvie, played by Sophia Di Martino, for example), we fully expect that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will be in Episodes 5 and 6.

How Did Loki Survive The Loom Explosion? Our Best Theory:

Okay, so the simplest possible theory based on the season so far is that the Slaughterhouse Five-style time-slipping Loki did in Episode 1 “Ouroboros,” was not completely solved by Mobius (Owen Wilson). That would potentially allow Loki to either do a Groundhog Day or Back to the Future Part II. Also simply put, either Loki gets stuck in a time loop, or Loki goes back in time to fix the mistakes of the previous day while trying not to interact with himself. Also he rides a hoverboard (that’s the Back to the Future Part II scenario).

Given everyone in the show is dead, and specific weird moments like Victor Timely dropping his hot chocolate (time loops love a specific moment), it’s fair to expect we’ll return to these bits in the next episode, before wrapping things up (and teeing up another movie/TV show) in Episode 6.

Whatever happened to Loki, we feel pretty confident in saying no, Loki did not die in Season 2, Episode 4. He’s died several times before; but not this time. We’ll see him next week.

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