New York Comic Con Draws Huge Crowd, Scott Pilgrim Box Sets On Sale, DC Boss Leaves WBD | Comic Book Club News For October 27, 2023

Comic Book Club News October 27 2023 scott pilgrim new york comic con pam lifford

The official attendance numbers for New York Comic Con are here. The Scott Pilgrim 20th Anniversary box sets are on sale before their 2024 release. DC boss Pam Lifford is leaving Warner Bros. Discovery. All on Comic Book Club News for October 27, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

New York Comic Con draws big crowd.

Scott Pilgrim on sale.

DC boss leaves WBD.

This is Comic Book Club News for October 27, 2023.

New York Comic Con 2023 Attendance Numbers Released:

The official attendance numbers for the 2023 New York Comic Con have been released. And if you couldn’t tell by the packed house in person or in pictures, the con is still one of the biggest in America.

As reported by PopVerse, the official number is 200,000. The outlet states that it is the biggest comic convention in North America, noting that San Diego Comic-Con drew an official capacity of 150,000 earlier in 2023. They also note this isn’t the biggest-ever attendance for New York Comic Con. In 2019, the convention drew 260,000 attendees.

However, perhaps of note: PopVerse is owned by ReedPop, who owns and runs New York Comic Con. So this is a little bit like when Nintendo Power would report that a Nintendo game is the best of all time. While San Diego Comic-Con does officially draw smaller numbers due to the size of their convention center, the town of San Diego is overwhelmed yearly with thousands of non-ticketed attendees looking to enjoy the non-ticketed activations outside the con, as well as events in the neighboring Gaslamp District. Meanwhile, despite a new subway station and some neighborhood development, New York Comic Con is perennially held in the Javits Center, which can conservatively be described as being located in the butt of New York City.

Regardless of how you look at it: New York Comic Con is big. The question is: how much bigger can it get?

Scott Pilgrim 20th Anniversary Box Sets On Sale For Pre-Order:

Speaking of New York Comic Con, earlier this month at the convention Oni Press revealed part of their plan for the 20th anniversary of Scott Pilgrim: two deluxe box sets. And now, those box sets are available for pre-order, and seriously on sale.

As reported by Polygon, which is not owned by Oni Press so we’re not going to rag on them about that, the two box sets are currently on sale at Amazon at deeply discounted prices. Each set contains all six volumes of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim in hardcover, though one is in full color, the other in black and white. The black and white version marks the first time those volumes have been released in hardcover. Previously, two different iterations of the color version have been released in hardcover.

But wait, that’s not all. The box sets come in a clamshell package made up to look like a PS2 box, and contain new art by O’Malley, an exclusive compilation of “Making of Scott Pilgrim” extras and comics, a top-secret selection of in-world items from the universe of Scott Pilgrim, and a collectible sticker sheet.

What are the in-world items? Presumably bread and a small pile of change. You’ll need that change, too, because the color set is 10% off at $225, and the black and white set is 45% off at $137. They will both be released on July 9, 2024.

DC Boss Pam Lifford Leaves Warner Bros. Discovery:

Pam Lifford, Warner Bros. Discovery President of Global Brands, Franchises, and Experiences, is leaving the company to deal with some family issues, ICv2 reports. Why is that important for this comic book news podcast? Well, one of the global brands, franchises, and experiences Lifford was in charge of was DC Comics.

In her place, DC President Jim Lee and General Manager Anne De Pies will now report directly to WBD Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer Bruce Campbell. Not that Bruce Campbell. Another one.

Lifford will probably best be remembered at DC for basically gutting the company through multiple rounds of layoffs and restructuring. Under her tenure, Lifford restricted content at the company after Batman revealed his genitals in a comic book, shut down Vertigo, Ink, and Zoom, and let go of everyone from Dan Didio to Bob Harras and more.

We wish her and her family well.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. Hey, you all got that Nintendo Power reference, right? I’m not too old? Right? Hey, where are you going?

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