DC Preview: The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1

The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 preview header

Has it really been thirty years since the death and return of Superman? Probably, because DC Comics is releasing an issue titled The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1. So either it’s been three decades, or something has gone seriously wrong with the flow of time.

Either way, the one-show reunites some of the original creative team responsible for the iconic event, writing and drawing completely new stories. They include (deep breath): Dan Jurgens, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway and Karl Kesel on writing duties; and Travis Moore, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Jon Bogdanove, Butch Guice, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazelwood on art.

Hey, it takes a village to kill a Superman, I always say.

The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 Preview

Check out six pages and the cover from the October 31, 2023 publishing issue here:

The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 Official Synopsis:

Superman returns! After the tragic events of more than 30 years ago, when Superman met his end at the hands of Doomsday, Metropolis mourned the loss of their greatest hero and soon turned their attention to the search for his successor. Four Supermen rose to the challenge: Superboy, Steel, Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, they fought in honor of the original Man of Steel. Little did they know, his return was just around the corner!

To celebrate the Reign of the Supermen and Return of Superman, DC has brought back the original creative teams for new stories set in the wake of Superman’s death. It all begins with new Daily Planet editor-in-chief Lois Lane discovering Perry White’s journals from the time and the secrets he kept as he searched for who could be the next Superman. What could this discovery mean for our present? Find out in this special that’s sure to be a classic in the future!

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