Valiant Returning Again, Gail Simone Brings Back Misty, Tod McFarlane Launches Teen Spawn Title | Comic Book Club News For April 4, 2024

Comic Book Club News April 4 2024 misery misty valiant

The Valiant Universe is returning, again. Gail Simone bringing back the vintage horror comic, Misty. Todd McFarlane is launching Misery, a teen title set in the Spawn Universe. All on Comic Book Club News for April 4, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Valiant returning, again.

Gail Simone bringing Misty back.

McFarlane launching teen Spawn title.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 4, 2024.

Valiant Universe Returning In Resurgence Event:

The Valiant Universe is back! Again! After becoming one of the hit non-Marvel and DC superhero universes in the ’90s before folding, and then popping back up about a decade ago before once again pretty much folding, Valiant has once again risen from the dead. And now we know how it is planning its comeback.

As reported by ICv2, Alien Books will premiere The Valiants on Free Comic Book Day on May 4, leading into a team-up series of the same name. From there, a number of titles labeled “Road to Resurgence” will lead into an event series titled Resurgence of the Valiant Universe to launch this September.

The line-up shared by IcV2 seems pretty good, too. Jody Houser and Aleta Vidal will launch Faith Returns in May. Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and Ferbabdo Heinz Furukawa will take on X-O Manowar: Invictus. And Dan Abnett and Emilio Ultrera are on Rai: The Book of the Darque. With a “q” so you know it’s spooky.

Then June will include the launch of Ninjak vs. Roku by AJ Amadu and Emiliano Correa. July, a TBA group of creators will take on Eternal Warriors: Last Ride of the Immortals.

And then there’s the event itself which will find villain Doctor Silk “reshaping the fabric of the Valiant Universe.” Another reboot? Sure, why not!

Gail Simone Rebooting Classic British Horror Comic Misty:

Speaking of bringing things back, writer Gail Simone is ready to play Misty for me — and you — by rebooting the classic British horror comic Misty.

As reported by The Beat, the Misty 2024 Special will be published by Rebellion, and feature art by Carola Borelli, Aly Fell, and Marianna Ignazzi. And a fourth story will be both written and drawn by Letty Wilson. The issue will also feature a cover by Tula Lotay.

So, what is Misty? Back in the day it was a horror anthology aimed at young girls. The special seems to skew slightly older, as the four stories include tales of a true crime podcaster, a bartender who deals with men’s wandering hands, a town dealing with 11 murders, and something else mysterious they won’t share any details about.

The issue will be 48 pages long, and release in stores on July 17.

Todd McFarlane Launching Teen Spawn Universe Title, Misery:

Todd McFarlane is launching a teen-centric Spawn Universe title, Misery, with artist Szymon Kudrański.

The book will focus on Cyan Fitzgerald, the daughter of Wanda, aka Al Simmons, aka Spawn’s former wife. In the series, the now 17-year-old Cyan has developed healing powers, and is dealing with the loss of her mother.

Said McFarlane via press release: “Having two daughters myself, I watch them both grow older, see them flourish and struggle, as they become young women. To also try and imagine that they’ve lost their biggest supporter, their mom—it would have been so very impactful on their lives. This was the inspiration for the idea of this book; What if, at the most crucial time in a young person’s life, instead of embracing all that life has to offer, they instead had to shield themselves from society. What would that do to their maturing personalities? That’s what this book will explore while also bringing in a dark element of horror that will haunt the Cyan character.”

Misery will hit comic book stores on May 13.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. But let’s be honest, misery hits comic book stores pretty much every Wednesday.

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