Is An “Untitled X-Men Reboot” In The Works At Marvel?

untitled x-men movie

Even with X-Men ’97 tearing it up on Disney+, Beast showing up in The Marvels, and more on the way with Deadpool & Wolverine, fans of Marvel’s merry mutants are still champing at the bit to find out more about the inevitable X-Men reboot movie. And now a new listing seems to indicate an Untitled X-Men Reboot will begin production in the fourth quarter of 2025.

The news comes via the latest issue of Production Weekly, a magazine that lists upcoming productions so folks behind the scenes can reach out to inquire about potential jobs. However, and this is important, PW is very open about the fact that they don’t vet their listings… Everything from start dates to the info in the postings is either culled from online, or submitted directly to the outlet.

So that grain of salt out of the way, let’s talk X-Men. Because when perusing the issue, that immediately jumped out and caught my eye. The info Production Weekly includes is slim, as you would expect from something that is still pretty far away from kicking off. Titled Untitled X-Men Reboot, which they really need to change, that’s not catchy at all, the listing also includes all the right info. That means Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito as producers. It lists the usual Marvel production contact. And it also lists Sarah Finn, who casts everything in the MCU.

The synopsis reads “Charles Xavier’s team of merry mutants is charged with the mission of protecting a world that hates and fears them for their unusual appearances and abilities,” which is sourced directly from Marvel’s page for X-Men.

MCU X-Men Reboot Targets Q4 2025 Start Date In Uk… Or Does It?

But the most intriguing part by far is that the status is “Q4 2025” and the location is “United Kingdom.” Both make sense, there’s no way Marvel would start production on an X-Men movie until late next year. And many productions, including the upcoming Fantastic Four are shot in the UK.

That said, is this correct at all? Where does this listing come from? My two cents, this feels way too soon for an MCU X-Men movie, unless there’s something in Deadpool & Wolverine that Marvel and Disney are gung ho about and they want to fast-track a new X-Men franchise. Otherwise, Feige has been pretty open about wanting to hold off on X-Men until they really figure it all out. And the popular theory is that Secret Wars will be the final (second or third final, actually) hurrah for the Fox casts, ceding the way for a new group of mutants.

So will there be a new X-Men movie kicking off production at the end of 2025? Maybe. But I think we can officially confirm that whether it’s real or not, it’s definitely untitled.

Production Weekly Lists Other Marvel Productions: Shang-Chi 2, Armor Wars, Vision Quest

Also in the issue, some additional possible updates on Marvel productions:

  • Armor Wars is still a feature film, still listed with Yassir Lester as writer, targeting a 2025 start date.
  • Shang-Chi 2, as we previously reported, is heading for a 2025 start date. However, the listing has been updated to March 2025.
  • Vision Quest, which I for some reason thought was dead, is on for the fourth quarter of 2024.

Again, none of this may be accurate. But it is interesting!

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