Blood Hunt’s Surprise Villain Revealed, Radiant Black To Become Audio Book, Puppet Master Comes To Dynamite | Comic Book Club News For May 1, 2024

Comic Book Club News May 1 2024

Blood Hunt has arrived from Marvel, and it’s got a surprise villain in the lead. Radiant Black is being turned into an audiobook. The Puppet Master franchise comes to Dynamite. All on Comic Book Club News for May 1, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Blood Hunt reveals surprise villain.

Radiant Black getting adapted as audiobook.

Puppet Master comes to Dynamite.

This is Comic Book Club News for May 1, 2024.

Blood Hunt‘s Main Villain Is Blade:

Blood Hunt #1 has arrived from Marvel and is about to take a significant bite out of the release schedule with dozens of tie-in issues and spinoffs. But somehow, despite the multiple press releases and teasers, they’ve managed to keep the main villain of the series secret. Major spoilers past this point.

In the issue, the Earth is enshrouded in darkness and attacked by vampires. While most of the heroes try to keep the peace on the planet, The Avengers get attacked by a new super-vampire team called the Bloodcoven. In the issue, not only is most of the superhero team taken down — Thor gets impaled through the head, and Black Panther is left at the vampires’ mercy — but it’s revealed the Bloodcoven is working for someone else.

And that someone? None other than Blade, who reveals this was all his plan at issue’s end while impaling Doctor Strange with a sword in order to stop the Sorcerer Supreme from casting a spell to kill all vampires on Earth.

So why has Blade broken bad? Are there more twists to come? And will they bring the vampire hunter back to status quo in time for Marvel Studios’ Blade movie that may or may not ever come out? Stay tuned as Blood Hunt continues over the next few months. Bleh! That’s a vampire sound.

Radiant Black Getting Adapted As Audiobook:

One of the more difficult things to experience when reading a comic book is hearing them. In fact, most of the time other than the flipping of pages or your quiet sobs over being a full-grown adult who reports news stories about what Blade is up to, there’s no sound at all. Well, Image Comics is here to change that with their first audiobook, an adaptation of Radiant Black.

Appropriately titled Radiant Black: The Audiobook, Volume One it stars the voices of Rider Strong and Will Friedle as Nathan Burnett and Marshall Ward, aka the two guys who become the superhero known as Radiant Black. The book is written by Kyle Higgins, who also writes the comic book series, and will adapt the first volume of the non-audio book.

Friedle, who previously played the voice of the character in an Easter egg animated video, said via press release: “One of the things I love about Radiant Black is the way it constantly looks to push the boundaries on what a comic book—much less a superhero comic book—can be. Whether it’s huge twists or blacklight issues or secret animated films or dual timelines under variant covers, Kyle and the team put everything they have into this universe and I could not be more thrilled to come back and voice the obviously-much-better Radiant Black, Marshall Ward. Sorry, Rider!”

Added Strong, who played opposite Friedle in Boy Meets World: “Reuniting with my old friend and co-worker, Will Friedle, is an absolute nightmare. But when Kyle pitched us the audio book, the arc of two best friends and his bold, immersive approach, it was an easy ‘yes.’ I can’t wait for everyone to meet Nathan…the real Radiant Black!”

The audiobook will hit, I don’t know, audio comic book stores, I guess? Later this year.

Puppet Master Comes To Dynamite:

A classic horror franchise is heading to Dynamite, as the publisher has snagged the rights to Full Moon’s Puppet Master.

First kicking off in 1989, the series has gone on to spawn multiple sequels, and a whole lot of nightmares about freaky killer puppets.

Said Nick Barruccci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher, via press release: “Puppet Master is one of the most unique and classic franchises in horror. We’re excited to connect with the diehard fans of the films and deliver something truly special for their collections.”

The plan is to kick off the 35th anniversary celebrations of the franchise with a line of collectible trading cards, and then, you know, see where things go from there.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. Bleh!

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