Autobot Springer Arrives In Void Rivals #9 First Look

Void Rivals #9 Autobot Springer

Whenever you read an issue of Skybound and Image ComicsVoid Rivals and the Transformers aren’t on-screen, readers should be asking “Where are the Transformers?” Well, good news: in Void Rivals #9, to paraphrase Mark Wahlberg, I think we just found a Transformer. Specifically, Autobot Springer.

According to some cursory research I’ve done, it seems these “Transformers” are a more complicated form of “Go-Bot.” Upon some deeper research, I’ve discovered that Springer is G-1 Transformer who has twice been given the Matrix of Leadership. He’s also a Triple-Changer, meaning he can change into both a car and a helicopter for maximum playability – er, I mean, battle-readiness.

Anyway, you’ll get to officially meet Springer in Void Rivals #9 by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici, as our heroes Darak and Solila race to safety… Only to come face to face with Springer. Who presumably is on Rumspinga? Folks, I’m really stretching here, in case you couldn’t tell.

Anywho, the new issue won’t hit stores until May 22, 2024, but you can take a look at the interior pages and covers by De Felici, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, André Lima Araújo & Chris O’Halloran, Caspar Wijngaard, and Tonci Zonjic, below.

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