Evil Scarlet Witch, Lore, Returns To Marvel With A Russell Dauterman Redesign

Scarlet Witch #3 lore

Lore, the evil Scarlet Witch from 1994’s Scarlet Witch miniseries, not to be confused with the evil version of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, is back in August’s Scarlet Witch #3 from Marvel. And she’s got a new look thanks to artist Russell Dauterman.

“Redesigning Lore was a huge treat!” Dauterman said via a press release provided to Comic Book Club. “Lore is an evil Wanda variant, so I wanted to contrast the design I did for our Scarlet Witch, which was meant to be magical, vibrant, and super-heroic, by going dark and sinister, with a goth, undead vibe. I’m incredible excited to also be drawing some interiors in the issue where these two Wandas face off!”

Russell Dauterman's design sheet for Lore in Scarlet Witch #3
Russell Dauterman’s design sheet for Lore in Scarlet Witch #3

As Dauterman mentions, not only did he provide a new take on Wanda Maximoff’s demonic double, but he’ll be taking on interior pages as well, teaming up with artist Jacopo Camagni. Steve Orlando will be providing words for the issue. That’s how you refer to “writing” right? Cool.

Here’s the blurb, via Marvel:

LORE RETURNS! Scarlet Witch’s fight to reach the land of the living puts her face-to-face with her necromantic multiversal counterpart! Lore won’t stop until her death at Wanda’s hands is avenged – but another one of Wanda’s nemeses may hold the key to her survival!

Lore, who destroyed her own world before trying to conquer the multiverse, represents Wanda’s worst fear—a version of herself that’s gone mad with power! Will Scarlet Witch need her own inner darkness in order to defeat her?

You can take a look at the cover by Dauterman, as well as a variant cover by Joëlle Jones, below. The new issue hits stores on August 21:

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