Top 11 Image Comics For April 2024

Best Image Comics April 2024

Looking for the best Image Comics for April 2024? Well, we haven’t read ’em yet, so we can’t answer that question. However, we can recommend the ones we’re most hyped for!

The Energon Universe continues to truck along with a new artist on Transformers. Geoff Johns, Geoff Johns, and Geoff Johns launch new titles to kick off the Ghost Machine co-op. And one of the best books of the past two years gets collected. Plus, so much more!

Read on for our pick for the top 11 Image Comics coming out in April, 2024.

1. The Last Mermaid #2

The Last Mermaid #2 cover

Release Date: April 3, 2024

Derek Kirk Kim’s The Last Mermaid #1 was a surprise hit, and sold out quickly at stores everywhere. The story of a mermaid wandering a dry post-apocalypse with her axolotl friend is stunningly presented and full of heart. There’s a second printing coming, but be sure to grab issue #2 before it sells out, too.

2. Hack/Slash: Kill Your Idols #1

Hack Slash Kill Your Idols cover

Release Date: April 3, 2024

The original Hack/Slash team of Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli return — sort of — with this collection from the Image Comics 30th anniversary anthology. Later in the month, Zoe Thorogood’s Hack/Slash: Back to School #4 is also supposed to hit, and that’s awesome too.

3. Deep Cuts #6

Deep Cuts #6 cover

Release Date: April 3, 2024

Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark’s excellent jazz anthology comes to an end in this issue with a jaunt to 1977. Each issue stands on its own, but it’s well worth it to pick up the whole series.

4. Geiger #1

Geiger #1 cover

Release Date: April 3, 2024

A bit of a cheat here, but after a preview issue came out back at the beginning of the year, the Ghost Machine collective kicks off their slate in earnest this week with the radioactive Geiger by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, an entirely different post-apocalypse by Johns and Jason Fabok in Rook: Exodus, and because he can’t stop, won’t stop, Johns and Bryan Hitch launch Redcoat about an immortal, well, redcoat. Should be interesting to follow this imprint going forward!

5. Transformers #7

Transformers #7 cover

Release Date: April 10, 2024

The second arc of the hit series kicks off with new artist Jorge Corona. While I’ll miss Daniel Warren Johnson’s art on the title, Corona ain’t too shabby either.

6. Rat City #1

Rat City #1 cover

Release Date: April 10, 2024

I’ll admit: if you pitched me what essentially sounds like Spawn 2099, you wouldn’t have my interest. But with the creative team of Erica Schultz and Zé Carlos? You certainly have my attention. And given this is a very different nanite-powered Spawn, I’m curious to see what directions this takes the franchise.

7. 7174AD #1

7174AD #1 cover

Release Date: April 17, 202

You had me at “newsprint Ashley Wood art.” Time to get them hands dirty!

8. Kill Your Darlings #8

Kill Your Darlings #8 cover

Release Date: April 17, 2024

The final issue of this series should bring everything to a satisfyingly dark close, given the nightmarish moments that have happened in previous issues. Can’t wait!

9. The Cull, Volume 1

The Cull Volume 1 Cover

Release Date: April 24, 2024

Featuring stunning art by Mattia de Iulis, wildly creative writing by Kelly Thompson, and jaw-dropping twists that will have you screaming at comic book pages, The Cull is not to be missed. But if you did miss it the first time around, be sure to pick up this trade, which collects the first (?) five issues of what we hope is more than a miniseries.

10. Drawing Blood #1 (of 12)

Drawing Blood #1 cover

Release Date: April 24, 2024

Kevin Eastman tells what seems to be a heavily fictionalized but still inspired by the real-life story of a man who co-created one of the biggest franchises in the world, only to blow it with his partner. Hm, who could this be about? Hm???

11. Feral #2

Feral #2 cover

Release Date: April 24, 2024

Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner’s pseudo-sequel (squeakuel?) to Stray Dogs features cats surviving — or not — a rabies/zombie apocalypse. And it’s just getting started.

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