Spider-Woman Gets A New Series, Trouble At IDW Originals, Amazing Spider-Man Sells For Big Bucks | Comic Book Club News For August 10, 2023

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On today’s Comic Book Club News, Spider-Woman is getting her own series, again, from Marvel. Plus, there’s either trouble at IDW Originals, or everything is great. And a rare copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 sells for over half a million dollars.


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Episode Transcript:

Spider-Woman just wants her baby back.

Trouble with IDW Originals?

And Amazing Spider-Man #1 sells for big bucks!

This is Comic Book Club News for August 10, 2023.

Spider-Woman Gets A New Series In November:

After the release of The Amazing Spider-Man #31, Marvel’s spider news continues to crawl onward, snagging writer Steve Foxe and artist Carola Borelli in its web of… Okay, fine, there’s a new Spider-Woman series coming from Marvel this November.

In the new ongoing series, spinning (last one, we promise) out of the upcoming Gang War crossover, Jessica Drew’s baby has been kidnapped, driving her to the brink. Foxe, via a press release provided by Marvel, teased that the creative team will embrace what Zeb Wells and company are doing in Amazing Spider-Man, while, quote: “…also telling a distinctly Spider-Woman saga–with lasting ramifications for some of her closest relationships–in her own book. Few characters have been through Hell like Jessica Drew has been through Hell, and I’m so excited to throw EVEN MORE at her.”

Though like most mainstream comic book characters Jessica Drew’s continuity is currently pretty complicated, the main thing prospective readers need to know is that this Spider-Woman disappeared from reality for a little while, and seemingly in the intervening time her child got stolen. The release teases that villains Viper, Hydra, and Diamondback might be involved. Meanwhile, Spider-Man will try to recruit Jessica to a new team that will, quote: “face an all-new foe – one who is powerful enough to destroy the city while burning Spider-Woman’s world to the ground.”

That foe? New York Mayor Eric Adams. Just kidding.

Are IDW Originals In Trouble?

Are IDW Originals in trouble? Conflicting reports come from The Beat and ICv2, which shared both bad and good news on the IDW Originals front.

On the bad news side, creator Will Robson tweeted on Monday, August 7th that his creator-owned miniseries was canceled by the publisher. According to Robson, he was already two and a half issues into scripting the book and had drawn part of the first issue when he got the news IDW wouldn’t be going forward with the series. In a response to fellow creator Jimmy Palmiotti, Robson added on to the news of the cancellation that, quote: “Not sure I can legally say why but I know it had nothing to do with my art or writing.”

Creators and fans weighed in with sympathy or offers to help find a new publisher. Others, like Scott Beatty, noted that they’ve, quote, “been there. With IDW too.”

While IDW has had its fair share of layoffs and restructuring recently, it’s possible this may have been a one-off — or two-off — case. Over at ICv2, an August 8 interview with IDW Co-Publishers Mark Doyle and Tara McCrillis touted their upcoming slate of Originals, including new books from Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman’s Dark Spaces line, as well as a new title, Ministry of Compliance, by John Ridley and Stefano Raffaele.

To quote Oprah Winfrey: what is the truth? Like how many licks it takes to get the center of a Tootsie Roll pop, I guess we’ll never know.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 Sells For Big Bucks

Are you sitting on a near-mint copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1? If so, first of all, stop sitting on it, you’re ruining the value! Second of all, you’re probably going to want to look into selling it as a 9.6 graded copy of the March 1963 issue recently sold at auction for $520,380.

While this copy was displayed recently at San Diego Comic-Con pre-sale, another copy of the official kick-off to Spidey’s solo adventure title had previously sold at $336,000. Meanwhile, at the same auction held by Hake’s, a 7.5 very fine graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, sold for $170,844.

Said Hake’s president Alex Winter, not to be confused with the Bill & Ted actor, via Fine Books Magazine, quote: “Collectors knew what made the book special. It came from the John B Goodrich collection, had desirable white pages, and was one of only three at that grade level to reach the auction marketplace in more than a decade.”

In 2021, a 9.6 graded copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 sold at auction for $3.6 million, making it the highest selling comic book ever made.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And if anyone would like to buy my 1.2 graded copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1, let me know, it’s basically a big pile of dust.

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