Is There A Deadpool 2 End Credits Scene? Yep, But There’s A Catch

Deadpool 2 End Credits Scene

You’ve already grabbed your chimichanga and some Trolli sour tiny hands. You’ve settled into your seat, ready to enjoy Deadpool 2. The lights dim, the trailers start, and there’s one question on your mind: does Deadpool 2 have an after-credits scene? The answer is sort of yes, and sort of no.

But first, some big spoilers for the movie!

Here’s how Deadpool 2 ends!

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) meets Cable (Josh Brolin), a time traveler from the future who initially wants to kill him. Later, Cable starts to begrudgingly respect Deadpool. So much so that he ends up saving Deadpool’s life.

After Deadpool sacrifices himself to show troubled teen mutant Russell (Julian Dennison) that someone cares about him, Cable uses the last remaining charge on his time machine. He travels back to the beginning of the final battle, and places a skeeball token on Deadpool’s chest, which ultimately takes the bullet for ol’ Wade.

Cable can’t return home, the time machine is broken. But that’s okay, plenty more sequels to figure that out!

…And then there’s the first Deadpool 2 end credits scene!

In the first Deadpool 2 end credits scene, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and her girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna) fix the time machine. Then they give it to Deadpool. Then they immediately regret their decision.

…And then there’s the second Deadpool 2 end credits scene!

It’s actually a series of scenes, as Wade bodyslides (the movie/comics’ name for Cable’s form of time travel) through the movie — and other movies. He saves his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). He saves Peter (Rob Delaney), though weirdly none of the other members of X-Force (R.I.P., Shatterstar, Bedlam, Zeitgeist and The Vanisher). Then he travels into X-Men: Origins – Wolverine and kills himself to “fix the timeline.” And then he kills Ryan Reynolds, just as the actor decides to take a part in Green Lantern. You’re welcome, Canada, indeed.

Oh, and what about a Deadpool 2 after credits scene?

Nope! If you sit through the rest of the credits, you won’t be treated to one last scene after the final card that says “Deadpool 2” rolls. Just blackness, and sadness that the movie is over.

That said, you might want to sit through the credits anyway. Though there’s no third scene, there are ridiculously filthy songs about X-Force and the Juggernaut.

So, how many post credits scenes in Deadpool 2?

Two of ’em. Though technically if you count scenes, there’s five (Negasonic in the X-Mansion, saving Vanessa, saving Peter, killing Deadpool, and killing Ryan Reynolds). That’s why I said there was a catch, up top! Maximum effort!

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