Where Was Stan Lee In Deadpool 2? How To Find His Cameo

If there’s one constant to Marvel’s movies, whether they’re made by Disney, or Fox or Sony, it’s Stan “The Man” Lee. The 95-year-old creator has appeared in nearly every Marvel movie (and TV show). But if you’ve already hit up the theater this week, you might be wondering, where was Stan Lee in Deadpool 2?

If you remember from the first Deadpool, Lee had a hilarious cameo as a strip club DJ. And he even appeared in the short Deadpool film/trailer that showed before Logan. So it would be reasonable to expect some face-time in Deadpool 2.

Deadpool - Stan Lee Cameo

Why wasn’t Stan Lee in Deadpool 2?

Well, stop making demands, you actually unreasonable person. Lee is, as mentioned, 95 years old. He’s in the middle of several lawsuits, and generally has a lot of demands on his time. In fact, Marvel Studios bulk filmed several cameos from him for several films. They include: Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.

So where does that leave Deadpool 2? Turns out, Lee did not film a cameo for the movie. But that doesn’t mean he’s not in it. Confused yet?

Wait, so where was Stan Lee in Deadpool 2?

The Marvel/Netflix shows have been surprisingly bereft of Lee cameos. In lieu of Lee telling Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to get a room or something, he’s instead shown up in the background. That means in wanted posters, sketches, or his name sneakily thrown on props.

Deadpool 2 takes a page out of the Netflix book. In the movie, Domino (Zazie Beetz) is parachuting down to a street to go and stop a prisoner convoy. When she lands, there’s a psychedelic mural of Lee on a building on the right side of the frame. That’s it! Keep your eyes out, because there’s a lot going on in the scene. Chances are, you’ll miss it the first time through.

So there you go: Lee isn’t in the movie, but he does show up in spirit. Good news, too, because if he was in X-Force that might not have turned out well for him.

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  1. Also, in X-Men: The Last Stand, Sabretooth is in the movie on the far left hand side of the frame as Magneto and his crew are walking on the bridge, but it was seen (as far as I know) only in theatres, but the film must have been cropped for release on DVD, unfortunately. I watched the movie 3 times in theatres to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, and yes he was there.

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