When Will ‘X-Men ’97’ Season 2 Premiere On Disney+?

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After 10 stellar episodes, X-Men ’97 has wrapped up its first season on Disney+ with “Tolerance Is Extinction, Part 3.” We laughed, we cried, we screamed and cheered for Marvel‘s merry mutants. And now the excruciating wait begins: when will X-Men ’97 Season 2 premiere on Disney+?

We’ll say right up front here that no Season 2 premiere date has been announced for X-Men ’97. However, we can offer some educated speculation, based on development time for the first season. Though at the same time, a lot depends on the approximately 300 other series Marvel has waiting in the wings. So that caveat out of the way, read on.

Will There Be An X-Men ’97 Season 2 On Disney+?

The good news is we can answer this question definitively: yes, there will be an X-Men ’97 Season 2! Back in July of 2022 at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios confirmed they were already hard at work on X-Men ’97 Season 2… Even though they were still a ways away from the release of Season 1. Then in July of 2023, again at San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that the at-the-time head writer of the series was in the midst of writing the Season 2 finale.

A twist here is that Beau DeMayo, that head writer, was either fired by Marvel or parted ways… Depending on who you ask. That happened in March of 2024, a week before the premiere of X-Men ’97. However, that abrupt change did not impact Season 2, which was already done (at least from the writing perspective). And reportedly, development work had already begun on Season 3.

So there definitely will be an X-Men ’97 Season 2, and probably even a Season 3 (and beyond). But when will it hit our eyeballs?

When Will X-Men ’97 Season 2 Premiere On Disney+? What We Know:

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Again, in full transparency, I’ll note there is no official premiere date for Season 2. Not only that, but Season 2 release dates are particularly tricky to predict because you only have one dataset — the development of Season 1 — to go off of. And first seasons, whether animated or live-action, invariably take longer to produce than subsequent seasons. That’s due to the advance development work that goes into prepping a series.

That said, let’s ignore everything I just said and look at the timeline for X-Men ’97 Season 1. The idea was first suggested in 2019, and DeMayo was asked to pitch on the series in 2020. The timeline from there isn’t 100% clear, but Marvel did announce they were working on multiple animated series in June of 2021. In November of that year, one of the projects was announced as a continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series.

X-Men ’97 was originally planned for a Fall 2023 release. That gibes well with that “it takes two years to make a season of animated television” thing we mentioned. Obviously, it was delayed, but that was likely due more to Disney+ and Marvel reshuffling a lot of their slate for a variety of reasons. Those include the double SAG-AFTRA/WGA strikes, Marvel’s, er, hiccups at the box office, and a change of priorities with Disney+.

So, let’s say two years. If they were writing the Season 2 finale in July of 2023, that’s at least another year or more past that point, with animating, recording voices, etc. On that timeline, it’s possible they could be relatively done with the season by July of 2024. Or more likely it will be ready to go about six months past that, i.e. January of 2025. It’s possible it could come out sooner than that, but that seems to be the earliest we could see X-Men ’97 Season 2 drop; and more likely it’ll be about a year after Season 1, meaning March of 2025.

The X-Men ’97 Season 2 Release Date Depends On Other Marvel Animated (And Live-Action) Series

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A lot of that depends on other Marvel releases, which we know basically nothing about — at least when it comes to their release dates. At this point there are multiple other series that are TBD, including Eyes of Wakanda, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Marvel Zombies, as well as What If…? Season 3. Add in live-action series like Agatha, all of which are supposed to come out this year, and you have a potentially packed schedule for the foreseeable future.

Point being, though fans of X-Men ’97 might be like “Gimme Season 2 now” there’s already a lot in the queue. For the moment, I’ll stick with my best guess being first quarter of 2025, and we’ll have to see what happens.

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