Dazzler Getting Solo Title, Cliff Rathburn Launches Remote Space, Tiny Onion Makes Big Hires | Comic Book Club News For May 14, 2024

Comic Book Club News for May 14, 2024

Dazzler is getting a solo title from Marvel. Artist Cliff Rathburn is launching a new Image Comics book, Remote Space. Tiny Onion makes a few big hires. All on Comic Book Club News for May 14, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Dazzler solo title coming from Marvel.

Cliff Rathburn launches Remote Space.

Tiny Onion makes big hires.

This is Comic Book Club News for May 14, 2024.

Dazzler Getting Solo Title From Marvel:

Another week, more X-Men news. And there are a couple of intriguing tidbits that will be elaborated on as the week continues. That includes the news that “Earth’s Mightiest Mutant Joins Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” in August’s Avengers #17. Presumably, that means Doop. And the previously announced Storm solo title has a debut month of October.

But by far the most intriguing and unexpected announcement is that Dazzler is getting a solo title starting in September, with the tagline “Her world tour begins!”

Naturally, folks online are taking this as confirmation that Taylor Swift will indeed be cameoing as Dazzler in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, with Marvel capitalizing on her appearance with a new title debuting two months later.

However, what is perhaps more intriguing is that Dazzler is a character that, despite anchoring her own title for 42 issues, a graphic novel, and a spinoff miniseries back in the ’80s, has not been a solo character since. Will a Dazzler solo title work, Swift cameo or not? Stay tuned.

Cliff Rathburn Launches Remote Space From Image Comics:

Cliff Rathburn, an artist best known for his work on The Walking Dead and Brit, is launching a new comic through Image, and the press release had the most adorable quote I’ve read in a while.

Said Rathburn: “I am proud of what I’ve done with Remote Space and I think anyone who buys a copy will be happy with their purchase.”

See? Adorable. The new book is set in the year 2450 on a dying Earth, where humanity has gone down two evolutionary paths: one to become space-traveling cyborgs; the other genetic manipulation to adapt to the increasingly awful climate. And based on the art shown off by Image, yes, I think I will be happy with my purchase.

Remote Space #1 hits stores on Wednesday, June 12.

Tiny Onion Makes Four Big Hires:

Tiny Onion, the multimedia company created by James Tynion IV, is going to have to start calling itself Big Onion, as they’ve made four new hires.

Those four hires are: DeAna Avila as production manager, Steve Foxe as editor, Greg Lockard as talent manager, and Antonio Guanaes as executive assistant.

They all have prolific backgrounds, but perhaps the most interesting is Foxe, whose name is familiar to anyone who has been reading Marvel’s X-Men comics. It’s not surprising, though: Foxe already edits several of Tynion’s comics including W0rldtr33, The Deviant and The Department of Truth.

Congrats to all the new hires!

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I hope you were all happy with your purchase of this free podcast.

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