Wolverine May Get Depowered In Uncanny X-Men, Conan Comic Gets Cease And Desist, Spawn Kills Every Spawn | Comic Book Club News For May 6, 2024

Comic Book Club News May 6 2024

Wolverine might get depowered in Uncanny X-Men. A Conan fan comic has been hit with a cease and desist. Spawn Kills Every Spawn details released. All on Comic Book Club News for May 6, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Wolverine might get depowered in Uncanny X-Men.

Conan comic killed with cease and desist.

Spawn kills every Spawn.

This is Comic Book Club News for May 6, 2024.

Wolverine Might Get Depowered In Uncanny X-Men:

It’s Monday, so that means it’s time to take some tiny morsel from Marvel editor Tom Brevoort’s newsletter and turn it into a full meal. This week: is Wolverine about to get depowered in some fashion?

In fact, Wolverine has already had his healing factor stolen in recent issues of his title. But the presumption is he’ll get it back before the current series wraps up with issue #50. While addressing a fan asking about whether Logan will ever get back to being more damageable versus regenerating from a drop of blood, Brevoort said: “It can be really difficult to pull back this manner of ‘power creep’—it takes a bunch of sustained effort.

“So we’ll see. I tend to prefer a Wolverine who is human and who has some limitations, but most readers and creators who have come to the character across the past twenty years or so have a different vision of him—just as they have a different vision of Batman. I don’t know how much, if at all, we’re going to be able to get that genie back in the box. (on the other hand, there’s what happens in UNCANNY X-MEN #3…)”

So what happens in Uncanny X-Men #3? Brevoort doesn’t elaborate on whether it’s Wolverine getting depowered, or something generally that happens in the world of the book. We should know more when that issue hits stores, most likely some time in September.

Conan Comic From John Allison Hit With Cease And Desist:

John Allison, the artist behind Giant Days, Steeple, and others was planning on doing a public-domain Conan the Barbarian comic book. That is, until he was hit with a cease and desist.

The news was first reported by Bleeding Cool, who notes that while Conan is public domain the UK, where Allison is based, it won’t be public domain in the US until 2028. Meaning since the internet is worldwide, it was still under the purview of Conan Properties International.

Despite having completed 56 of the 66 pages of the comic, Allison halted his work, and will not release it online – per the cease and desist. The outlet also notes that Antarctic Press was hit with a similar cease and desist after proclaiming their intention to publish a comic called Blue Sonya, a clear parody of Red Sonja.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this story is the fluidity of the public domain, particularly as the discussion surrounding Superman and Batman entering the public domain increases. While it may seem straightforward — Conan is public domain where I live, ergo, I can publish something about Conan — it’s not actually that simple.

Spawn Kills Every Spawn Details Released:

Are you ready for Spawn to kill every Spawn? Well get ready, because that’s what’s going to happen in July’s Spawn Kills Every Spawn.

In the series, written by John Layman with art by Rob “Sketchcraft” Duenas, a little Spawn named Spawny heads to Spawncon and discovers he’s the least popular Spawn. So he decides to kill them all.

Said Todd McFarlane via press release provided to Comic Book Club: “From the very outset of our first miniseries starring our adorable little maniac, fans have been bugging me to bring him back once again for another series of mayhem. This time around, the wonderful art by Rob puts so much detail into the pages, I think readers will be going back through each book to find all the visual Easter Eggs he has planted within the story. And Jon Layman has brought his own sense of absurd cuteness to this story so that you are both shocked and smiling at what is unfolding in front of you. The overwhelming support for this tiny, little character has been quite surprising to me.”

The first issue hits stores on July 24, 2024.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I sure hope I don’t get a cease and desist for talking about Conan.

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