Peacemaker Season 2 To Begin Filming In June: Report

Peacemaker Season 2

A few days ago, on March 10, James Gunn confirmed that Peacemaker Season 2 would begin production this Summer, based on some info from a reliable source: his wife, Jennifer Holland. And now, thanks to a new listing, we may know when the new season will film: June through September 2024.

The new info comes from a listing in the latest issue of Production Weekly, which has the second season of the Max series beginning production in June in Vancouver, before wrapping up in September. There’s no other new info offered in the listing, though if you didn’t already know it will be filming under the working title “The Scriptures” if you want to try to spy John Cena and company in Vancouver later this year.

Our usual grain of salt here when it comes to Production Weekly listings. While the magazine is an industry standard, they openly do not vet their listings. Sometimes they are added based on rumors, or information submitted; versus sent directly from the studio. Basically, it’s a way for those in production to try and get staffed on TV shows and movies that may be currently looking for folks to work. As a specific example, a recent listing had Superman beginning production on March 18. As is, we know that in fact kicked off on February 29.

To that point, James Gunn is currently filming Superman, so he can’t be on Peacemaker Season 2 as well, right? Sort of. Said Gunn in his Threads post: “To answer your follow-up questions: yes, we’ll be shooting Superman & Peacemaker simultaneously; yes, I’ve written all the episodes; but, no, in the interest of getting the show out there I won’t be able to direct them all (only some); & yes, Waller’s still happening & Jeremy & Christal are hard at work writing great stuff, but the schedule was impacted by the strikes so it’ll come after Peacemaker.”

Going back to that earlier Production Weekly listing, they targeted Superman as wrapping production on August 2. Given the different dates, that might not be entirely accurate; but about four to five months is average for this sort of production. That also makes sense with what Gunn said about the two productions running simultaneously. And with a month or so after Superman wraps left in filming Peacemaker Season 2, that gives Gunn a chance to jump in to direct an episode or two — possibly the season finale, at the very least.

So given all this, when will Peacemaker Season 2 be released on Max? TBD, but with a six-month post-production schedule, it could be ready by March 2025. However, with Superman hitting on July 11, 2025, and Gunn adding later on Threads that the events of Peacemaker Season 2 are canon with Superman — not the previous iteration of the DCU — it’s far more likely they’ll hold the season for later in 2025.

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