Todd McFarlane Launching New U, Michael Walsh On Frankenstein, Dark Horse Has Twisted Take On Medusa | Comic Book Club News For March 1, 2024

Comic Book Club News March 1 2024 sam and twitch medusa frankenstein

Todd McFarlane is launching three Spawn-related titles in The New U. Michael Walsh is taking on Universal Monsters: Frankenstein. Dark Horse has a twisted take on Medusa. All on Comic Book Club News for March 1, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Todd McFarlane launches New U.

Michael Walsh on Frankenstein.

Dark Horse has twisted take on Medusa.

This is Comic Book Club News for March 1, 2024.

Todd McFarlane Launches Spawn New U, Announces Multiple Titles:

Back in October, Todd McFarlane teased his upcoming line of Spawn-related comic books at New York Comic Con. And now he’s officially announced the first titles in what the creator is calling “The New U.”

Spinning out of the events of Spawn #350, which introduced a new ruler of Hell and stranded Spawn on an Earth where he no longer has his powers, the new books will all be priced at either $2.99 or $3.99, something publisher Image Comics boasts is well below the industry standard of $4.99.

The first title out of the gate from The New U will be Sam & Twitch: Case Files on March 27, written by McFarlane with art by Szymon Kudrański, following McFarlane’s detectives that have run throughout the Spawn books for decades.

Then on April 10, Erica Schultz and Zé Carlos introduce Rat City, about a future Hellspawn named Peter Cairn whose Spawn powers were somehow caused by Al Simmons in the present. On May 15, Sean Lewis and Valerio Giangiordano launch Monolith, a three-issue series about an extremely large Hellspawn.

But wait, that’s not all! In June and July, The New U will introduce three four-issue miniseries: Misery, Medieval Spawn, and Spawn Kills Every Spawn. August will bring on Violator in a six-issue miniseries as well as Knights vs. Samurai. Another new ongoing series, Deadly Tales, will hit in September. And in October, a bi-monthly series with an extended page count titled No Home Here will hit stores.

But wait, that’s still not all! Focus, Spawn: The Dark Ages, She-Spawn, Bloodletter, and Spawn 77 will also hit stores over the upcoming months.

Seems like Spawn has spawned.

Michael Walsh Is Taking On Universal Monsters: Frankenstein:

Frankenstein might be the monster, not the doctor. But Michael Walsh is the writer AND the artist on the just-announced Universal Monsters: Frankenstein from Skybound.

The third series to take on the classic movie monsters, Walsh will reimagine the story of the monster to show the backstory of where his body parts came from. Over the course of the four-issue series, each issue will focus on a different body part, starting with the hands taken from the corpse of a father whose son is still mourning him.

Said Walsh via a press release provided to Comic Book Club News: “The story of Dr. Frankenstein and his poor, misunderstood monster is one of the most recognizable and influential horror tales ever told… It’s also one of my favorites. The original 1931 film from Universal Pictures is a continuing inspiration for my art and storytelling, so, as you can imagine, I was honored to be able to play in that sandbox. Trying to tell an original story while staying true to the canon of that film was an exciting yet daunting prospect. It’s been some of the most fun I’ve had making comic books, and I know that fans of Frankenstein and horror will have a blast experiencing these characters and iconic scenes like never before.” 

The first issue will hit stores on August 28.

Dark Horse To Publish New Take On Medusa:

Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes? That’s what you’ll be saying when Dark Horse Comics releases their new graphic novel Medusa, written and illustrated by the Eisner-nominated Tony Parker, with colors by Tamra Bonvillain.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the book: “Everything you know about Medusa is a lie. Forever cursed to be remembered as a monster, this ageless yet very mortal hero has spent millennia saving humanity from the horrors of legend. But now, in Scotland, she has met a foe that makes even the gods hide in fear. Armed with unwavering resolve, will the mighty Medusa be able to save mankind one last time?”

Sounds cool! Comes out October 2, 2024. That’s all we’ve got.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And you know what they say: if you haven’t seen it, it’s the New U!

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