James Tynion IV Launches Tiny Onion As Independent Multimedia Company

James Tynion IV - Tiny Onion

Yesterday (February 15), writer James Tynion IV teased in his semi-regular newsletter that he had big plans for the future that he’d be dropping soon. And now, after holding them close now, Tiny Onion, he’s revealed the full scope of what he’s been coming up with in the background: launching his Tiny Onion imprint as a fully independent production company.

Backed by a seed investment from Lyrical Media (which is based in both Los Angeles and New York), Tiny Onion has plans for not just comic books, but publishing, film, television, and animation.

“Over the last twelve years, I’ve watched the comics industry from the inside, working alongside its best talent and biggest publishers, seeing the exciting ways that it can connect to other media spaces, and I’ve managed to work my way to some prominence. Now I have the chance to take everything I’ve learned and test out every way to make it work even better. Not just for me, but for the generation of creators coming up behind me.” James Tynion IV, CEO & Founder, Tiny Onion, said via a press release provided to Comic Book Club.

While the announcement of Tiny Onion is slim on actual details, we do know that Tiny Onion won’t be a new comic publisher; they’ll develop and create ideas that will be published through BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, DSTLRY, and Image Comics. AKA, the companies Tynion is already working with for his various titles like Something is Killing the Children, W0rldtr33, The Department of Truth, Blue Book, The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos, and the upcoming Spectregraph with artist Christian Ward.

“The benefit of independence is flexibility,” continued Tynion. “I know what my big aggressive move in the comic book direct market next year is going to look like, but there are other ideas we’re cooking that I’m thinking up as medium neutral. We’re going to develop worlds on the scale of what we did with Something is Killing the Children, and then we’re going to decide how to bring them into each of the verticals our company is touching. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to think and move that way.”

Tynion won’t be along in the venture. Eric Harburn, who helped develop Something is Killing the Children as well as editing BRZRKR for Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt while at BOOM! Studios, will lead the editorial for the new company. Courtney Menard, formerly of X2 Comics, will join as Director of Production. And Jazzlyn Stone will join as Director of Communications.

“Being able to support creators in telling the best version of their stories has been an honor and a privilege I don’t take lightly, and is what I plan to pursue for the rest of my life. James has proven time and again that there is a path in comics to critical and commercial success, without sacrifice — I am thrilled to be joining him in this next stage of his career, and for the phenomenal team at Tiny Onion to become a resource for the most exciting independent voices our medium has to offer.” Eric Harburn, Director of Editorial, Tiny Onion, added.

As mentioned, no specific plans for Tiny Onion have been announced as yet. But stayed tuned for more as Tiny Onion is only going to get bigger.

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