ThunderCats #2 To Introduce New ThunderCat: Calica

ThunderCats 2 Calica design

Jellicle cats can and Jellicle cats do, but what about ThunderCats? Turns out they can Calico, as a brand new Thunderian will be introduced in the second issue of Dynamite’s series: Calica.

“Not only has it been great to play with the classic ThunderCats characters, having the opportunity to contribute to the lore has been a wonderful experience,” said writer Declan Shalvey via a press release provided to Comic Book Club. “Especially with introducing Calica (and her unique, yet naturally fitting design courtesy of Drew Moss) who will add a new dynamic that will keep the ThunderCats (and readers) on their toes.”

As Dynamite notes, this is the first time a new character has been introduced into the ThunderCats mythos in, perhaps, decades. So who is Calica? As you can probably figure out by the name, the new character is inspired by Calico cats, which is where that tortured lede above came from. She’ll be introduced early in the second issue as a potential love interest for Lion-O, and has a “tri-color fur pattern and a distinctive black patch around one of her eyes.”

You can check out artist Drew Moss’s design work below, which will also be used as a variant cover for the second issue:

Calica ThunderCats design

ThunderCats has been an enormous hit for Dynamite, selling over 180,000 copies of the first issue. To keep the train rolling there are new covers by David Nakayama, Lucio Parrillo, Jae Lee, Ivan Tao, and an action figure cover, which you can check out below. And as the second issue approaches final order cutoff, the publisher will be unveiling a new cover by Declan Shalvey, as well as a cover by Ken Haeser that features Calica in “a clever homage to one of the most powerful and influential women in comics.” Start your speculation engines now, because personally, I have no idea what that means.

ThunderCats #2 hits stores on March 13.

ThunderCats #2 Variant Covers:

Get a closer look at some — but not all — of the covers for ThunderCats #2, albeit not the one with Calica that pays tribute to… Louise Simonson? Karen Berger??? Help.

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