Resurrection Of Magneto #1 Review: Return Of The King

Resurrection of Magneto #1 review

Read our review of Resurrection Of Magneto #1 from Marvel Comics, written by Al Ewing with art by Luciano Vecchio.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Resurrection Of Magneto #1 Review:

Per the title, Magneto is coming back. But not yet. First, Storm must travel to the mutant afterlife to get him for some reason unknown to her. Is Magneto the key to stopping Orchis and saving mutant-kind?

“I gotta say, I was not looking forward to this just because X-Men: Red has been very dense,” began host Alex Zalben. “But there is so much richness in the tapestry of the story. In every single page through the art, you can feel the weight of Storm, this powerful character, traveling through her history and doing a whole Orpheus thing, going to Hell to get Magneto back. There is such a weight to everything that goes on, it feels mythological, and I was completely won over by the end of the issue.”

“This kicks *** on a number of levels,” added Pete Lepage, “and the art is really awesome and moody… Man I loved it.”

Justin Tyler seemed a little more hesitant about the book, calling it “cool” but “I think we have been overloaded with continuity and information. So I’m craving clarity… I have a little bit of information fatigue in my X-Men stories.”

Finishing up, Zalben added that he loved the “bad*** last panel, the full page splash by Luciano Vecchio, was so cool… I want to take that and put that on my wall. Absolutely gorgeous.”

Resurrection Of Magneto #1 Official Synopsis:

LIFEDEATH! On Krakoa, resurrection from the dead was as easy as completing a circuit – but Krakoa fell. The time of easy miracles is over, and only the hard roads are left. Now it falls to Storm – as the epic conclusion to the Krakoan age looms – to bring their oldest enemy home to fight against the FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X…but after all he did, and all that was done to him, can Magneto bear to return?

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