Blood Hunt #4 Review: Did That Surprise Villain Reveal Work?

Blood Hunt #4 review

Read our review of Blood Hunt #4 from Marvel Comics, written by Jed MacKay with art by Pepe Larraz as the true villain is revealed.

We reviewed the book on the Stack podcast. But in the interest of highlighting more about the title, here’s a summary of the conversation with our thoughts. And if you prefer the longer audio version, that’s below as well!

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Blood Hunt #4 Review:

In the latest issue of Blood Hunt, the true villain is revealed, the heroes go on the attack, and it all leads into the big finale.

The discussion kicked off with the reveal that Blade has been taken over by — spoiler — Varnae, the first vampire, an obscure character who hasn’t been seen since 1994.

“You need to be a die-hard to appreciate that,” said host Alex Zalben. “It shouldn’t only operate on that level, and unfortunately… I like Jed McKay. And I like everything else that happens in this book. Very fun comic, except for that reveal where I was like, record scratch, freeze frame. Let’s not do this.”

Justin Tyler agreed, adding, “Everything’s building toward a reveal reference, and that rings hollow because we don’t know Varnae. That’s where I think it’s a problem. And I do trust Jed McKay. I’ll go beyond what Alex is saying… I think we’re going to get to something that does have meaning. We have one more issue of this series.”

Conversely, Zalben did note that MacKay is smartly connecting a lot of items from the past in this issue, as Varnae was tied to Blade, Doctor Strange, and the Darkhold, all of which are referenced in this issue.

Pete LePage was more positive, calling it a “really fantastic issue,” and added that he loved everything about Doctor Doom confronting Doctor Strange, and found there was a “fun twist” in that storyline. “They did such a great job with this, setting it up and building towards this last issue in a way that really gets you excited to see how it’s all going to unfold and what’s going to happen,” added LePage.

Blood Hunt #4 Official Synopsis:

Doctor Strange and Clea court a dread ally – but at what cost comes this aid? Hunter’s Moon and Tigra do the same- but can this shadowy figure be trusted? And meanwhile, the Avengers are given the battle they so sorely crave in order to avenge their fallen friends. But in the darkness…a light?

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