Black Panther Turns Vampire In Blood Hunt, Marvel And DC Crossovers Coming Back?, George O’Connor Tackles Norse Myths | Comic Book Club News For February 13, 2024

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Black Panther is becoming a vampire in Marvel’s Blood Hunt. Are Marvel and DC’s classic crossovers coming back to print? George O’Connor takes on Norse Myths after conquering Greek Myths. All on Comic Book Club News for February 13, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

Black Panther to become vampire.

Are Marvel and DC crossovers coming back to print?

George O’Connor tackling Norse Myths.

This is Comic Book Club News for February 13, 2024.

Black Panther To Become Vampire In Marvel’s Blood Hunt:

Marvel’s Blood Hunt, a crossover where vampires take over the Earth, is about to bite its way into the Marvel Universe. The publisher previously threatened — sorry, teased — that there would be over 20 miniseries and tie-ins along with the main series, which itself will be getting bonus, adults-only Red Band editions. And now we know the first of those spinoff series: Black Panther: Blood Hunt.

In the three-issue series written by Cheryl Lynn Eaton with art by Farid Karami, T’Challa has been turned into a vampire, and sent back to Wakanda to search for an ancient power for the vampire lord. Along the way he’ll battle new supernatural enemies. Will he remain a vampire forever? Probably not.

Said Eaton via press release: “Long live the king! Literally! While T’Challa has always been the height of human excellence, steering such a legendary character as he navigates a supernatural battlefield populated with gods and monsters—all while adapting to a form and newfound powers unfamiliar to him—has been a treat. T’Challa’s royal status is not just Wakandan in nature, but vampiric as well. And I can’t wait to explore both of those bloodlines. No pun intended!”

It’s a little unfortunate that this series was announced now, though that’s of course how the comic industry works. Mostly because the whole tease of Blood Hunt is “who will bite it?” and now we know that Black Panther will be one of the ones who bites it, well in advance of the release of the first issue of the main series.

One character who won’t bite it? Union Jack, who will be featured in another three-issue series titled Union Jack The Ripper: Blood Hunt from writer Cavan Scott and art by Kev Walker. That series will hit on May 15, while Black Panther: Blood Hunt #1 hits stores on May 29, 2024.

Marvel And DC Crossovers May Be Coming Back To Print:

Are Marvel and DC crossovers coming back? No, not new ones: the old ones, but back in print for the first time in a very long time. That’s the news being reported off of artist Barry Kitson’s Facebook page, where he may have made what we in the business call “an oopsie.”

In the post, as reported by The Beat and Bleeding Cool, Kitson posted his thumbnail sketches for the cover of the 1994 one-shot, Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire. The issue was written by Dennis O’Neill, with art by Kitson, and teamed up the Azrael version of Batman with Frank Castle.

Said Kitson on Facebook, in a since-deleted bit of text: “Marvel and DC are collaborating on reprinting many of the Amalgam titles including Magneto and the Magnetic Men. And the crossover events including the Batman/Punisher books.”

Kitson further added that the publishers had asked for any extras, so he was posting these thumbnails first on his fan page, before sending them off for possible inclusion.

There have been numerous DC and Marvel crossovers over the years, including one-shots and miniseries like Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans and JLA/Avengers. However, the crown jewel is probably the Almagam crossover, which jammed the two universes together for new series like Dark Claw, Spider-Boy, and more.

We’ve reached out to DC and Marvel for comment but did not receive a response as of this recording time.

George O’Connor Tackling Norse Myths For Graphic Novel Series:

George O’Connor has already conquered Greek Myths with his best-selling middle-grade graphic novel series focusing on the stories of the Greek gods. And now he’s taking on a new pantheon with a series based on Norse myths.

As reported by ICv2, O’Connor will follow up his 12-volume Olympians series with Asgardians starting next month. The first volume, Asgardians: Odin, will hit stores on March 26, with Asgardians: Thor following on October 8. While both characters are well known to Marvel Comics fans, these new 96-page graphic novels will take them back to their mythological origins.

Each will be priced at $12.99, with presumably more volumes to come.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I’m not betting man, but I would bet they’re doing that Union Jack title for the pun alone.

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