John Cassaday X-Force Cover Draws Conversation, Meet Ultimate Storm And Ultimate Killmonger, Josie Campbell Hearts Skull-Crusher | Comic Book Club News For December 12, 2023

Comic Book Club News December 12 2023 john cassaday x-force ultimate storm josie campbell

A cover John Cassaday has drawn for an upcoming issue of X-Force is causing conversation online. Meet Ultimate Storm and Ultimate Kilmonger in the upcoming Ultimate Black Panther. Josie Campbell launches a new title through BOOM! Box, I Heart Skull-Crusher. All on Comic Book Club News for December 12, 2023.


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Episode Transcript:

John Cassaday cover draws conversation.

Meet Ultimate Storm and Ultimate Kilmonger.

Josie Campbell hearts Skull-Crusher!

This is Comic Book Club News for December 12, 2023.

John Cassaday X-Force Cover Draws Conversation:

John Cassaday is an iconic comic book artist, known for his work on X-Men, Planetary, and more. However, a recent variant cover for Marvel’s X-Force is drawing some other commentary.

The cover depicts Wolverine, claws out, with Beast’s head floating in the background. Artist Kevin Maguire posted the variant on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, with the following: “I’m seeing a lot of discussion on Facebook about this recent John Cassaday X Force 48 variant cover. Is this REALLY his work? It doesn’t look like it.”

The issue, since this is an audio podcast, is that the perspective seems a little off, versus the usual dynamic look of Cassaday’s art. Particularly on Beast, while the top half of his head seems to be in profile, his jaw seems to be turning towards the reader, teeth out.

There is a lot of commentary in the thread on Twitter, from people claiming it must be a fan aping Cassaday’s work, to professionals lamenting what might have happened to the master. However, without calling anyone out of passing judgment, this does seem to be part of a larger discussion that includes some variant Frank Miller also did for Marvel that were… Controversial, to say the least.

In both cases, it seems like these iconic artists are potentially trying to break perspective and go for something a little more avant-garde. Or it’s also possible they’re phoning it in. Whatever the intention, neither artist is talking. They’re letting all thousand words of their pictures speak for themselves.

Ultimate Black Panther Introduces Ultimate Storm and Ultimate Kilmonger:

Marvel’s new Ultimate Black Panther by Bryan Hill and Stefano Caselli won’t launch until February. But we’re already getting a peek ahead to issue number three, where the cover will feature Marvel’s hottest new couple: Ultimate Storm, and Ultimate Killmonger.

While it’s possible Marvel might be using the word “couple” as in “a couple o’ blokes,” it’s more likely that in a twist on the Black Panther/Storm relationship, she’s instead romantically involved with the usually bad guy Killmonger in this new, Ultimate Universe.

The new take on the characters, who will be freedom fighters in Wakanda, was designed by Peach Momoko. Who, perhaps of note, also has a new character named Maystorm who is the protegé of Storm over in the also upcoming Ultimate X-Men.

Said Momoko via press release: “I’ve always loved looking at outfits of tribes from all over the world. And combining the modern and tribal, the beauty and strong, is something I always love thinking about. And getting to design for Storm and Killmonger, I wanted to respect the characters and also put in my soul and unique vision into them.”

The characters will first debut in Ultimate Black Panther #1, and be featured on the cover of Ultimate Black Panther #3 on April 17.

Josie Campbell Launches New BOOM! Title, I Heart Skull-Crusher:

Writer Josie Campbell is quickly becoming a favorite here on Comic Book Club, thanks to DC’s New Champion of Shazam and Amazons Attack. And now the writer is launching a new book through BOOM! Studios under the BOOM! Box imprint: I Heart Skull-Crusher.

The wild-sounding post-apocalypse story focuses on an 18-year-old named Trini who wants to compete in her favorite sport, Screaming Pain Ball, and be just like her hero: Skull-Crusher. So she sets off across the wasteland to gather a team and enter the tournament.

Said Campbell: “I am BEYOND thrilled to bring I Heart Skull-Crusher to life with the talented Alessio; it’s everything I love–queer characters, anime influences, action, comedy, broken hearts, broken bones, Post-Apocalypse death matches–wrapped up in one gorgeous package. This is the story I’ve been wanting to tell for years!”

I Heart Skull-Crusher hits comic book stores on March 13, 2024.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And remember: a cass a day keeps the doctor away. Yeah, I don’t know what that means, either.

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