Meet The Invincible Season 2 Cast: Clancy Brown As General Kregg

Clancy Brown as General Kregg on Invincible

With the Invincible Season 2 midseason finale on Prime Video, we finally got to meet one of the next big villains of the series: General Kregg, voiced by Clancy Brown.

First introduced in issue #29 of the comic books by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, Kregg is a bad dude and means serious trouble for our heroes. For example, does he kill Nolan? Time will tell but for right now, just know he’s a commanding figure who is here to shake up everything we know about the series. He’s also, of note, not named General Creed or General Krell, or any other misspelling/mishearing. He’s General Kregg.

That said, you might want to know a little bit more. Like, who is the General Kregg Invincible voice actor? We just told you that: it’s Clancy Brown. But if you want to know more about Kregg on the TV series, in the comic books, and about Clancy Brown the actor… Read on.

Who Is General Kregg On Invincible?

General Kregg on Invincible, voiced by Clancy Brown

Kregg is introduced in Invincible Season 2, Episode 4, “It’s Been A While,” right after Nolan (J.K. Simmons) and Mark (Steven Yeun) lose a fight to three Viltrumites: Lucan (Phil Lamarr), Vidor (Chris Diamantopoulos), and Thula (Grey Griffin). The three aliens are wrecked by Omni-Man, aka Nolan, but at the last moment, Lucan flies down and breaks Nolan’s back. Meanwhile, Mark is unconscious from a gut wound from Thula.

When Mark regains consciousness, he is confronted by General Kregg, who beats him into the ground. Kregg explains that Nolan is being taken back to their home planet of Viltrum. He’s going to be executed for abandoning his task of conquering Earth, as well as for having a son with the bug people of planet Thraxis. Viltrumites, as Nolan explained earlier in the episode, seriously frown on propagating with species that aren’t biologically similar.

With Nolan marked for death, Kregg tasks the conquest of Earth to Mark and explains that if he doesn’t subjugate the planet in his father’s stead, Kregg will arrive with multiple Viltrumites and lay waste to the planet, killing millions. With that, he flies off into a starship and leaves Mark bleeding out on the ground of Thraxis.

What’s Next For General Kregg In Invincible Season 2?

Honestly? Hard to say. There is a lot going on in Invincible right now, at least in these first four episodes. While the first season had the central focus of Omni-Man as the main villain, as we head into the next four episodes in 2024, we’ve got: General Kregg; Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown); the Sequods, aka the Martian squid alien things; the Lizard League; and probably a few more bad guys I’m forgetting about.

To be clear, the Viltrumite plot is the overarching story of the series, so we will return to it. But will we flash over to what’s going on with them before the season is over? Or will they focus in on what’s going on with Angstrom Levy? Or any of those other villains? As is, we may see more of Kregg in Season 2; or that might be a Season 3 problem.

What Happens With General Kregg In The Comic Books?

So, here’s the thing. Not to contradict everything we just said, but — and spoilers for the comics past this point — Kregg is very much a sub-boss. He still causes a fair amount of havoc, along with Lucan and Thula, who are very much alive. But he works directly for the final boss of the series, Thragg. Thragg is the Viltrumite Emperor and leader of the conquering race, and Kregg works directly for him.

Again, spoilers, but Kregg has a surprising path of graduating from antagonist to protagonist. He eventually moves to Earth along with the remnants of the Viltrumite Empire, and much like Nolan before him falls in love with the place. It changes him for the better as he integrates with human society.

So will Kregg be more of a threat in the TV show than in the comic book series? Stay tuned.

Who Plays General Kregg On Invincible? What To Know About Clancy Brown:

Clancy Brown

You definitely know Clancy Brown — if not his face, then his voice, which has played some of the most iconic animated characters brought to the screen. He’s voiced Lex Luthor in various DC animated TV shows and movies. He’s also played Mr. Krabs on SpongeBob SquarePants for decades at this point. And in the MCU, he played the voice of Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok.

This also isn’t the first time he’s voiced a character on Invincible: Brown did the voice of Damian Darkblood in Season 1.

Non-animated, you may know him from more roles than we can count. He was Brother Justin Crowe on Carnivale. Waylon “Jock” Jeffcoat on Showtime’s Billions. John Danziger on Earth 2, which was a great show I wish more people watched. And in movies, he’s been in John Wick: Chapter 4, Promising Young Woman, The Shawshank Redemption, and dozens of other roles. Recently, he played Richard “Rich Brink” Brinkerhoff on Gen V, also on Prime Video.

The 64-year-old Ohio native only posts sporadically to his 162k followers on X (formerly Twitter), and a little more active on Instagram, where he has 133k followers.

Invincible Season 2 Premiere Dates And Episode Guide:

Invincible Season 2 officially premiered on Prime Video on Thursday, November 2 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. Though Season 2 will be eight episodes long, only one episode will premiere on Thursday, followed by the next three Thursdays. Then there will be a break, and the second half of Invincible Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2024.

Here’s the full list of episodes in Invincible Season 2:

  • Thursday, November 2, 2023: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 1 – “A Lesson For Your Next Life”
  • Thursday, November 9, 2023: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 2 – “In About Six Hours, I Lose My Virginity to A Fish”
  • Thursday, November 16, 2023: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 3 – “This Missive, This Machination!”
  • Thursday, November 23, 2023: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 4 – “It’s Been A While”
  • 2024, TBA: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 5 – “TBA”
  • 2024, TBA: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 6 – “TBA”
  • 2024, TBA: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 7 – “TBA”
  • 2024, TBA: Invincible, Season 2, Episode 8 – “TBA” *Season Finale*

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