Night Thrasher Returns, Meet The Ultimate Goblin, Dark Horse Getting Loud | Comic Book Club News For November 13, 2023

comic book club news november 13 2023 night thrasher ultimate green goblin dark horse loud

Night Thrasher returns to Marvel Comics for a new miniseries. Ultimate Spider-Man #2 introduces a new Green Goblin. Dark Horse Comics to publish Loud, an Italian anthology about gender-based violence. All on Comic Book Club News for November 13, 2023


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Episode Transcript:

Night Thrasher returns.

Meet the Ultimate Goblin.

Dark Horse is getting Loud.

This is Comic Book Club News for November 13, 2023.

Night Thrasher Returns To Marvel For New Miniseries:

Back in the ’90s, he was on a very famous comic book. He’s Night Thrasher the superhero… And now he’s back in a new miniseries from Marvel.

Appropriately titled Night Thrasher, the new series is by TV writer J. Holtham, with art by Nelson Dániel. In it, the former New Warriors member travels to New York to help out his old teammate Silhouette, and to face down a new enemy, The O.G.

Said Holtham to the This Week in Marvel podcast: “Obviously, there’s a ton of nineties nostalgia floating around. It feels like a dude on a skateboard is always going to be cool and fun. I’m from the nineties and I have aged and there’s a lot in this that is about, ‘What’s your legacy? What have you left behind?,’ especially because we haven’t seen him for a while.”

The new series is four issues long and will hit stores on February 14. This year for Valentine’s Day, give her what she really wants: Night Thrasher #1.

Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Introduces The Ultimate Green Goblin:

Keeping that Marvel news train rolling, Ultimate Spider-Man #2 will introduce the new Ultimate Green Goblin. While we don’t know much about what to expect of the character, we do know that he, she, or it will debut in the February 21 issue.

And we also know that rather than the Hulk-esque Goblin of the previous Ultimate Universe, this one looks far more like the Power Rangers-style Goblin of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies. Will this new Goblin be Norman Osborn? Harry Osborn? Someone else?

Again, no details other than the cover, which shows off a bearded Peter Parker — as the concept of the book is he doesn’t become Spider-Man until he’s married to Mary Jane and has two kids. And you know when that happens, you grow a beard. Or maybe he was bitten by a radioactive beard, and then grew a beard.

All we know is that this news story was far to thin to run with, but we did it anyway.

Dark Horse Releasing Loud, About Gender-Based Violence:

In non-Marvel news, Dark Horse is releasing Loud: Stories To Make Your Voices Heard, an Italian anthology about gender-based violence.

The winner of the Boscarato award for Best YA Graphic Novel, according to the press release, the collection contains works by prominent Italian graphic novelists, and, “Their goal with this book is to showcase stories that empower everyone to talk about gender-based violence out loud… [It] encourages readers to break the silence and fill it with our stories and our words so that situations like the ones depicted within, never happen again.”

The book will be presented in English for the first time and will be available in bookstores in July of 2024.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And to be clear, for Valentine’s Day get her Night Thrasher. For Anniversaries, it’s Speedball. And birthdays is always Darkhawk.

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