Is The Marvels Trailer Teasing The X-Men, Or Would Marvel Just Like You To See The Movie?

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Marvel Studios would very much like you to see their new movie Marvel Studios’ Presents The Marvels: A Captain Marvel Movie – Featuring Ms. Marvel, And Another Captain Marvel Who Sometimes Goes By Photon. So much so that a new 15-second long teaser seems to be teasing (which is what teasers are supposed to do) an X-Men connection. In fact, it stops just short of Kevin Feige coming out and saying “To be clear, the X-Men are in this movie.” But… Are they? Probably not. Or at least, not all of them.

The quick look doesn’t show off a lot of new footage of the November 10 premiering movie. But also, that’s not the point. Over footage straight out of 2001 (but starring Brie Larson), we hear Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) say, “There’s a different reality bleeding into ours.” Meanwhile, title cards tease, “Be there for what comes next.” That’s followed by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) saying, “They’re here.”

Oh, and when “Comes Next” fades out, it leaves a big ol’ “X” behind:

The Marvels Comes Next X-Men Tease

So is this it? Are the X-Men finally arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? Are we going to see The Marvels fight Professor Xavier’s students??

…Uh, probably not. Let’s get into why the X-Men are probably not in The Marvels based on this teaser. And then speculate a bit about how Marvel can get away with this blatant attempt to juice up interest in the movie without flat-out lying (which mind you, they’ve done before).

Why The X-Men Aren’t In The Marvels:

So as usual with teasers, they’re being a little tricky. While I haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s pretty clear when Monica says her line about one reality bleeding into another, she’s talking about the strange wall of energy she pokes that at least in part causes her, Captain Marvel (Larson), and Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) to switch places every time they use their powers.

That said, Monica mentioning another universe does squarely place The Marvels at the heart of Marvel Studios’ ongoing Multiverse Saga, so it does tie this movie to the overall “story” being told; instead of seeming more like a one-off lark, a la the movie’s early advertising.

As for Nick Fury’s “They’re here,” I’d posit he’s talking about literally any other characters than the X-Men. Most likely he means the Kree bad guys they’re fighting in the movie, led by Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton). But it also could mean the party guests his birthday party! Probably not, though.

But what about “Be there for what comes next”? That could apply to literally every Marvel movie. With one exception, they all end with post-credits teases for upcoming movies and TV shows. Mind you, some of the TV shows have been missing them lately, but if The Marvels doesn’t have some sort of tease for the next movie, I will eat a whole flerkin.

Why The X-Men Are In The Marvels:

That said, there is some evidence The Marvels won’t ignore the whole X-Men of it all entirely. We’ve already had Patrick Stewart show up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so some sort of glimpse or tease as they look through this wall to another universe could be in order.

More likely, we’ll get some continuation of what happened in Disney+’s Ms. Marvel, where the title character discovered she was a mutant in the closing minutes of the season finale.

But perhaps most likely of all is an end credits scene teasing Deadpool 3. Earlier today, we reported that the movie might be delayed from its current May 3, 2024 premiere date. Since, you know, they haven’t finished filming it. But The Marvels is coming out next week whether you like it or not, and other than Echo and some animated series, Deadpool 3 is still next on the list of MCU releases. Chances are whether it’s connected to the plot of The Marvels or not, there will be some sort of tease for Deadpool 3 in the end credits of the former movie.

Maybe it will be bigger than that; but most likely, what comes next is you watching the credits, then seeing a scene from Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in it, and everyone losing their minds.

You probably should buy tickets now, just in case.

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