Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levy Reveals “Logan Is Canon” To The MCU Film

hugh jackman in logan and ryan reynolds in deadpool

We’re about to enter a very weird time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home have brought in actors from other, pre-MCU franchises, Deadpool 3 marks the first time a movie series has moved from a separate production studio to Marvel Studios. And not only that it’s teaming up Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, from Fox’s X-Men movies.

But for those fans worried this is going to be a complete reboot? It’s not. Also if you were hoping it would be a reboot, it’s still not. Sorry about that. And, according to director Shawn Levy, the post-apocalyptic, future-set James Mangold film Logan is now canon in the MCU.

“I have always said that I can’t wait for Deadpool 3 to come out because all I want to do is give interviews alongside Ryan where we talk about our reverence for the movie Logan,” Levy explained in an interview with Brobible. “Logan is canon. We love Logan. That happened. I want the world to know, as the producer and director, all of us share a deep love and respect for Logan, every aspect of how it’s crafted, and all the events that take place.”

We won’t know, exactly, how Logan is canon to Deadpool 3 — and the greater MCU — until the movie premieres. Deadpool 3 is currently scheduled to be released on May 3, 2024, but production shut down due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Particularly with an effects-driven movie like this one, even if the strike is somehow resolved this week, chances are the film will be delayed.

How Is Logan Canon To Deadpool 3?

hugh jackman as wolverine and ryan reynolds as deadpool in deadpool 3

However, we do know that in some fashion Deadpool will be entering Marvel’s ongoing Multiverse Saga. Not only that, it will tie into Disney+’s Loki, thanks to the inclusion of Owen Wilson’s Time Variance Authority (TVA) agent Mobius. That potentially explains how we might see Wolverine in the movie. Jackman was spotted on set wearing his classic, comic book yellow and blue uniform. That’s versus the black costume and/or regular clothes Jackman wore in the Fox movies… This isn’t the Wolverine we followed from 2000’s X-Men onward; it’s a new Variant, an alternate universe version of the character.

Obviously, this is all speculation. But even with the very likely possibility mentioned above, it still raises questions about how Logan, the 2017 movie directed by James Mangold is canon to Deadpool 3. Are there multiple Wolverines in the movie? Or is Levy just expanding on the idea that in an infinite multiverse, all events are canon in some fashion or another? Heck, by that note, we’re all canon to the MCU, as well.

We’ll know more once Deadpool 3 is released in theaters. Whenever that is.

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