‘Legion’: There Are At Least 15 Davids In This “Chapter 14” Preview

Legion - Chapter 14

Are you still experiencing trauma from watching FX’s LegionChapter 13“? Us too — and it looks like we’re not the only ones, as David Haller (Dan Stevens) is spending time showing off a nearly infinite number of himself in the promo for “Chapter 14.”

You might even say he’s displaying a… Wait for it… Legion of Davids.

Anyway, if I was to venture a guess, I’d say David is dealing with the trauma of seeing how his sister Amy Haller (Katie Aselton) died last episode. Particularly because the alternate reality we see the most shows off Amy as David’s doctor, prescribing his pills.

Chances are we’ll get to see a few more Davids before the episode is out, but let’s break down all the different ~looks~ from the promo, shall we?

1. Prime David

Legion - Chapter 14
For the moment, let’s call this “Prime David,” which may or may not be “our” David. At the very least, it looks like this episode could have some flashbacks. Are we in an alternate reality the whole time? Or is there something else going on? Perhaps we blip back through David and Amy’s history together?

2. A Clockworks David

Legion - Chapter 14
Okay, so here David is back in his Clockworks outfit from Season 1. Are we getting an alternate history? Or are we (once again) getting the “maybe David is crazy and this is all a dream” plotline?

3. Cool Architect David

Legion - Chapter 14
I have no idea if he is a cool architect in this reality, but he certainly looks like one.

4. Unfrozen Caveman David

Legion - Chapter 14
Seen here in a splitscreen with Cool Architect David, we meet the David who looks like one of those Cavemen from… I want to say, insurance ads? From the 2000s.

5. Happy Family David

Legion - Chapter 14
The rarest David of them all, a David with a happy family of his own. Unless he jumped into some family’s bed and just started laughing. Also possible.

6. Burnt David

Legion - Chapter 14
It’s possible this might just be an early version of Homeless David? But man, put some sunscreen on.

7. Plague Of Davids

Legion - Chapter 14
Easily the worst David in this promo, he’s probably all sore’d up from too many drugs. But boy howdie, it looks like he’s about to start a Walking Dead style plague.

8. Too Much Coffee David

Legion - Chapter 14
A.k.a., Not Without My Morning David, this seems to be a Mr. Haller who led a normal office life getting normal coffee for his entire normal team.

9. Truck Stop David

Legion - Chapter 14
A pretty regular David who hangs out and wears vests with his nametag on them. Of note, he looks remarkably similar to how Amy’s husband was dressed last episode. Perhaps this is all David traveling the multiverse to rescue his sister? I hope?

10. Bag O’ Dirt David

Legion - Chapter 14
Again, this might be one of the David’s we’ve seen before. And I don’t know that he’s carrying a bag of dirt. But maybe he is. Maybe.

11. Matrix David

Legion - Chapter 14
I’m getting strong Mr. Smith vibes from this David, tbh.

12. Sailor David

Legion - Chapter 14
Okay, I may be stretching here a bit because I think he’s just wearing a different shirt. When you put on a different shirt, do you enter another dimension?

13. The David With the Yellow Eyes

Legion - Chapter 14
Ahhhh!!! This looks to me like a David from a dimension where The Shadow King fully took David over, right? I repeat: AH.

14. Professor X-David

Legion - Chapter 14
Easily the most intriguing David, because to me, with the shaved head, he looks like the man we think is probably his father: Professor Charles Xavier. Are we about to find out more about David’s origins?

15. Dead David

Legion - Chapter 14
There’s at least one dimension where David isn’t alive anymore. Or… Is this a vision of the future?

Check out the promo and see if you spot any more Davids!

Watch the Legion Season 2, Episode 6 “Chapter 14” teaser:

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