What Happened To David’s Sister Amy Haller On ‘Legion’?

Legion - Chapter 13 - Amy Haller

When Legion jumped forward a year at the beginning of Season 2, there were a number of changes. The mutants from Summerland were now working with the former mutant hunters at Division 3. David Haller (Dan Stevens) has been working with his enemy The Shadow King. And David’s sister Amy Haller (Katie Aselton) was nowhere to be found.

Not that she was an integral part of the first season, mind you. But Amy Haller was a crucial one, providing info on David’s past we needed to know. So where is she in Season 2?

Well, we finally found out during last night’s (May 1) “Chapter 13“… And the answer was an awful, terrible gut punch.

What happened to Amy Haller on Season 1?

You might need a little refresher, first. Amy was/is David’s adopted sister. She was just a kid when David was dropped off by his father (who may or may not be Professor Xavier), but helped hide the fact that he was adopted.

As an adult, she married a man named Ben and would visit David in the mental asylum at Clockworks. When David escaped, she got sucked into his adventures — first kidnapped by Division 3, then corrupted by the Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) version of The Shadow King.

Last time we saw her, she was with David at Summerland, accepting him as the mutant he is. David told her that she needed to stay away from her husband now, since Division 3 was watching him. And that was it!

Where is Amy Haller in Season 2?

Well, as we found out, she was being hidden by Division 3. Back together with her husband, she was taken to a shack in the desert; possibly the “valley that became a desert” that Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) mentions in the episode. Whether it was or not, she clearly was in some sort of dream-like state, connected to Division 3 while having dreams about the Vermillion (we’ll get back to that in a second).

And then The Shadow King (Navid Negahban) found her. Using Oliver Bird’s (Jemaine Clement) powers, and a device pilfered from Division 3, Oliver hollowed out Amy. He stripped her of her mind, then transformed her body using a piece of Lenny’s burnt, rotten corpse into a facsimile of Lenny’s old body. Then they put Lenny’s mind in that body, leaving nothing of Amy behind except for her blue eyes.

…Or did they?

Is Amy Haller dead?

That’s a tricky question to answer, because, Legion is weird. On the surface, I would say definitely. You don’t get that much awful screaming without Amy being gone forever. And other than as a body, there wasn’t much more use for Amy as a character. She told David what she needed to tell him in Season 1, so this was more about tying up loose ends.

But the Vermillion connection is strange, right? Why would she be having dreams of having a mustache, and singing the “we are the machine that bleeds” song? She didn’t have a dream about seeing the Vermillion, she had a dream about being the Vermillion. We’ve already seen that minds don’t really get destroyed on this show, from Lenny to Amahl Farouk.

Add in that time travel has been introduced this season, and there are a lot of questions about Admiral Fukuyama‘s identity. Was Amy not destroyed, but instead sent back in time to become the Vermillion? That’s crazy complicated, but stranger things have happened.

…And on Legion, they often do.

What about Katie Aselton?

She’s got a few movies in post-production, including Book Club, Deep Murder and The Devil Has A Name. She also appeared on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. So she’s doing okay!

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