Ann Ogbomo, A.K.A. Jayna-Zod: Know Your ‘Krypton’ Cast

Ann Ogbomo as Jayna-Zod - Krypton

Even if you don’t know how you know her, you might know Ann Ogbomo. The actress is currently playing Jayna-Zod on SYFY’s Krypton, but she’s been bouncing around various films and TV shows for a while — including a role in another DC Comics based property, Wonder Woman.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ogbomo, including what’s up with her on Superman’s home planet!

Ann Ogbomo Is A Classically Trained Actress

She’s an extremely skilled stage actress, and was even part of the world renowned Royal Shakespeare Company for a few years. You can read a bit more about it here, but she actually performed in all of Shakespeare’s history plays — something that probably helped propel her to the comic book meets Shakespeare tone Krypton is usually going for.

Ann Ogbomo Is An Amazonian Warrior

For fans of superheroes and comic books, you probably know her best as Philippus, one of the Amazons from Wonder Woman and Justice League. She also previously appeared as a soldier in World War Z.

Ann Ogbomo Is Jayna-Zod

Yeah, she is. On SYFY’s Krypton, she plays the immensely loyal leader of the Kandor military guild, called the Primus of the Sagitari. Recently she’s had her loyalties challenged by both the manipulative House of Vex, and her own daughter, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell). And chances are they’ll be challenged even more, once she finds out that Brainiac (Blake Ritson) is coming to destroy her planet.

We recently explored her backstory a bit more on “House of Zod,” and discovered that she was forced to kill her own brother when their father sent them out into the wastelands outside Kandor. With only one respirator between them, her brother tried to kill her – so she killed him, instead.

There’s one other important detail about Jayna: as Lyta’s mother, she’s also the grandmother of Dru-Zod, a.k.a. General Zod (Colin Salmon). So that should be interesting, if she ever meets her future grandson. In fact, given that she’s a General in the Kandor military, she’s technically the first General Zod!

That’s worth kneeling for.

Does She Have Any Social Outlets?

Sure! She’s pretty active on Twitter, particularly with Krypton fans, at @annogbomo.

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