Wallis Day, A.K.A. Nyssa-Vex: Know Your ‘Krypton’ Cast

Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex - Krypton

It’s hard to argue that Wallis Day isn’t the best part of SYFY’s Krypton. The enigmatic Nyssa-Vex is an expert at playing both sides against each other. She’s smart, beautiful — but willing to do the right thing when the chips are down. Or is she?

That’s the big question with her character, right? Does she truly want to help her intended, Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), or does she have a greater plan in play? And how will it impact her father, Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan)?

All good questions, but we’re here to find out a little bit more about Wallis Day, so let’s get into it:

Wallis Day Is Well Known To Soap Fans

Not the stuff that cleans your body, you guys. She got her start on the immensely popular British soap Hollyoaks, and its spin-off Hollyoaks Later. She played Holly Cunningham on the show, and because I’m American and have no idea, I’m just going to assume she’s the title character, and those are her oaks. It’s a show about trees, probably.

Wallis Day Is Also Well Known To Nintendo Fans (Maybe)

You might also recognize her from a series of Nintendo commercials, where she owned a bunch of dudes playing Mario Kart. Here’s one:

Watch Out, Because She’ll Prank You

Speaking of YouTube, Wallis Day arguably first came to folks attention on YouTube, collaborating with pranksters Caspar and Oli Day. For Caspar, she played the recurring character of Caspar’s girlfriend, tricking other men into doing ridiculous things. For Oli Day? Well, I guess you can just watch:

Oh, YouTube. Never change (please change).

She’s A TV Staple

Hollyoaks isn’t the only show you can catch her on. She also had a recurring role on Jekyll & Hyde (not the Steven Moffat version), and on The Royals — which isn’t a British series, but might as well be. Oh, and she also played Cressida on the short-lived Will, a show about a hot Shakespeare who hasn’t written any plays yet.

Wallis Day Is Nyssa-Vex

Yeah, she is. We talked about this a bit up top, but Nyssa is one of the members of the House of Vex, the political guild in the city of Kandor, on the planet of Krypton. She’s a skilled lawyer, having defended Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) and provided advice to Jayna-Zod (Ann Ogbomo).

She’s also, through the machinations of her father Daron-Vex, betrothed to Seg, formerly of the House of El. Krypton believes in science and genetics, so the two have already seen what their child will look like (and watched it grow old, due to holographic simulator).

But like we mentioned earlier, she’s really the master manipulator on the show. Whether it’s getting nude to throw Seg off his game, or just teaching him how to lie, Nyssa is focused on some goal we’re not totally aware of yet.

And in fact, there’s a big twist still coming with her. We don’t know what yet, but it was big enough to change how she acted in the second half of the season… So with only a few episode left, we’ll have to stay tuned.

Is Wallis Day On Instagram?

Yep! She’s got an active Instagram account, and loves talking to Krypton fans on Twitter.

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