Let’s Get Dangerous! Dynamite’s Darkwing Duck To Reprint Marvel Disney Afternoon Comics

Darkwing Duck Kickstarter

He might be the terror that flaps in the night, but Darkwing Duck is also the latest Kickstarter project from publisher Dynamite. And not only is the publisher bringing their own take on the mighty mallard to omnibus-sized prints… They’re also collecting the Marvel Comics era of the duck hero.

The Kickstarter — which is live now — includes three volumes of material. The third volume (yes, we’re skipping to the end) includes a four-issue Darkwing Duck series from 1991 originally published by Disney Comics, as well as Marvel’s Disney Afternoon magazine stories.

The other two volumes are all Dynamite’s comics. That includes a full volume collecting 10 issues of writer Amanda Deibert and artist Carlo Cid Lauro’s run on the title, which kicked off the publisher’s new take on Darkwing Duck. And then in a second volume, “Heroes & Villains,” Dynamite is collecting multiple spinoff and follow-up series. That includes five issues of Justice Ducks by Roger Langridge and Lauro, eight issues of Negaduck by writer Jeff Parker and artist Ciro Cangialosi,

The Kickstarter is providing an array of versions of the collections, including paperback and hardcover editions… Though of note, the hardcovers are signed by artist Tad Stones, and there are limited editions with original sketches by artist Ken Haeser.

In addition, Dynamite is sweetening the pot: anyone who pledges in the first 48 hours will get a limited edition Darkwing Duck mini-print. Blathering blatherskite! Oh wait, he doesn’t say that. Check out the three covers, below:

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Dangerous! Dynamite’s Darkwing Duck To Reprint Marvel Disney Afternoon Comics

  1. Um, what about the Boom! Studios/Joe Books series? You know, the one written and drawn by people who actually CARED about the cartoon? Why isn’t THAT series getting reprinted in this collection too? I’m betting Bob Iger must’ve told Dynamite to leave it out…

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