‘Thor 5’ Only Needs A Writer, Director, Script, Plot, And Cast, And Then It Should Be Good To Go

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Chris Hemsworth is currently tearing it up as Dementus in Furiosa, so naturally fans are ignoring that movie and looking at the next movie the actor might do. That movie? Thor 5, which according to a rumor report might be in development at Marvel Studios. And the only thing Marvel needs to get things going is a writer and director, two somewhat important parts of making a movie.

Per the rumor, Thor 5 is “on the grid” which is not a reference to Tron but rather the idea that Marvel Studios has thrown the fivequel on their upcoming list of movies, headed for production in the Fall of 2025. And it continues that Marvel is “searching for a writer and director for the project.”

Look, let’s be real here. Has Marvel discussed a fifth Thor movie at some point behind the scenes? Surely. They’ve probably done research on every possible sequel under the sun, from Eternals 2 to Ant-Man 4. A large part of what’s not generally talked about publicly is that these things — meaning “movies” — are mostly not artistic or gut decisions from executives so much as P&A (Prints and Advertising) reports that explain the possible cost of a movie versus the possible return on investment.

So could Thor 5 be living on a grid as maybe beginning production in Fall of 2025? Absolutely. But from the consumer perspective (read: me and you, the person reading this), it’s absolutely bonkers to think that sometimes someone throws Thor 5 on a board somewhere and then it comes down to eventually getting someone to write a script for this thing, and someone to direct it, seemingly as an after-thought.

Heck, Hemsworth is a great improviser — see the “Mike Hat” scene from Ghostbusters (2016), aka one of the funniest scenes in any movie ever. Just turn on the cameras and let him go more nuts than Tom Hardy on the set of Venom. It’ll be a good time, no writer or director necessary! As audiences have proven these past few weekends, we’ll eat any slop you feed us!

Sorry, I’m hearing we won’t eat any slop you feed us, and writers and directors are probably where you want to start with a movie. Trying to delete this article now.

Thor 5 will be in theaters at some point, or it won’t.

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