Marvel Teases Ultimate Sinister Six, She-Hulk: First Look

Ultimate X-Men #6 cover crop

May is heading to its conclusion, so you know what that means: time to think about August. Who cares about June? July, get out of here. Instead, Marvel is jumping ahead to the end of Summer to tease what’s coming up in their Ultimate Universe line. And that means not just the covers for the issues, but what’s inside the issues… Including Ultimate Sinister Six, Ultimate She-Hulk, and more.

Let’s kick things off with Ultimate Black Panther #7, which hits on August 7, 2024. Written by Bryan Hill with art by Stefano Caselli, this kicks off the second arc of the title, “War of the Kingdoms,” as T’Challa continues to battle the Moon Knights.

Here’s the official synopsis, and cover: “While T’Challa has sought to grow his power, so too have the forces of Moon Knight… And with access to a unique new resource, Ra and Khonshu are stronger than ever! How will Wakanda stand in its resistance against the kings of the Upper and Lower Kingdoms? And is T’Challa prepared to bear the consequences of tapping into such dangerous wells of power?”

Ultimate Black Panther #7 cover

Next up is the newest title in the line, Ultimates #3, written by Deniz Camp with art by Juan Frigeri. This issue introduces She-Hulk — and an army of other Hulks. This hits August 14, 2024.

Here’s the official synopsis, and cover: “The Ultimates search for a means of destroying the Maker’s most powerful pawn, the Hulk! And in the process they uncover an army of Hulks hidden away from the world… with She-Hulk at the helm!”

The Ultimates #3 cover

Side note: I know it’s a design choice but I don’t love those white translucent bars cutting off part of the cover art! Anyway.

In Ultimate Spider-Man #8, written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Marco Checchetto, Kingpin brings together the Sinister Six. This hits August 21, and you know the synopsis and cover are following: “Kingpin gathers a team to deal with his masked-vigilante problem… But a group of super villains isn’t the only challenge Spider-Man will face! Meanwhile, Green Goblin joins forces with…Doc Ock?”

Ultimate Spider-Man #8 cover

Last but not least is the final issue of the first arc of Ultimate X-Men, as Peach Momoko teases a surprise reveal on the final page. Don’t flip to the end! This hits August 28 in comic stores.

“Armor, Maystorm and the rest of the team hunt down the mysterious shadow! But is this group of scrappy teens prepared to face true darkness? And don’t miss the reveal of the final member of the group on the last page!”

Ultimate X-Men #6 cover

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