DC Reveals Who’s Behind Amanda Waller, BOOM! Explores The Firefly Multiverse, X-Men Event Coming October 2025 | Comic Book Club News For April 30, 2024

comic book club news april 30 2024

DC has revealed the villains behind Amanda Waller’s ascent. BOOM! Studios announces a one-shot that explores the Firefly multiverse. An X-Men event is coming in October of 2025. All on Comic Book Club News for April 30, 2024.


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Episode Transcript:

DC reveals Council of Light.

BOOM! explores the Firefly multiverse.

X-Men event coming in October 2025.

This is Comic Book Club News for April 30, 2024.

DC Reveals The Council Of Light Is All Brainiac In New Special:

DC has revealed the secret villains behind Amanda Waller’s rapid ascent in the DC Universe, in today’s House of Brainiac Special. And spoilers past this point: they’re all Brainiac.

The reveal comes towards the end of the over-sized issue, as Waller talks to the Council of Light, the mystery figures who saved her from Earth-3 and tasked her with taking down all superheroes at the end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. When prompted, the Council reveals that they are multiple iterations of the Superman villain Brainiac, who want all superheroes eliminated for pretty obvious reasons.

Waller is annoyed but agrees to continue with the plan of taking out all superpowers on Earth, as that’s what she wants too, with no prompting from Brainiac necessary. She quits the Council of Light and decides to achieve her goals by her own means. Meanwhile, the baddie starts to build himself a lady version that will be called The Brainiac Queen.

So there you go! One long-standing DC mystery solved, and the answer is Oops! All Brainiacs.

BOOM! Studios Explores Firefly Multiverse In New One-Shot:

BOOM! Studios is about to explore the Firefly multiverse with a new one-shot. Titled Firefly: ‘Verses, it comes from writer Ryan Parrott and artist Lalit Kumar Sharma, and asks the seemingly not copyright-protected question: What if the Browncoats had won?

Said Parrott via press release provided to Comic Book Club: “I’m a huge fan of ‘What if…’ stories and of the ‘Firefly’ franchise as a whole, so getting the opportunity to explore how the crew of the Serenity might have turned out if the Browncoats had won the war… well, that’s just too good of a story not to tell.”

The new book promises to bring the characters you know together in surprising ways. It hits stores on July 31, 2024.

An X-Men Event Is Coming October 2025:

We’re just wrapping up the Krakoa era of X-Men, and haven’t even started what fans are all referring to as the Brevoort-a-verse. But we’ve already got an inkling of what might be coming up in 2025, including an X-Men line event.

The news, as usual, comes from Tom Brevoort’s newsletter. When a fan asked the incoming X-Men editor about how far ahead he’s working, Brevoort noted that it “varies from title to title… But for the three books with X-MEN in the title, I’d say that we’re pretty solid through the end of the year and our first tiny little crossover moment. And from there, as we get into 2025, we’re talking about a storyline for around March, a special project for May, potentially a key one-shot for June and a big X-line Event around October. But all of that is subject to change as conditions on the ground shift in real time.”

So there you go! One hundred percent confirmed no changes, Age of Apocalypse 2 happening in October, 2025. Or, you know, maybe not any of that. We’ll know more in a year and a half, I guess.

For Comic Book Club News, I’m Alex Zalben. And I didn’t realize you could say “what if” without legal ramifications. Oh no! What if I faced legal ramifications for saying what if???

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